Monday, 1 October 2007

Not So Manic Monday

As promised, here's the pic of the small piece I stitched over the weekend between mouse hunts and cleaning bouts. It's a Bucilla kit, designed by Bonnie Smith Disotell, and came complete with the wood frame. I used some self-adhesive backing board to mount the piece and it slotted nicely into it. I'll be sending it, along with some other items, to my MIL to sell at her fundraising event for Treetops Hospice in Derbyshire - it's something that's dear to all our hearts as they gave a lot of help and support to my SIL Helen. As I mentioned it yesterday (and Blogger is playing today) I thought I'd post a pic of the Carol Tinson Love Is You design. If I remember rightly, this was a Limited Edition piece available just before St Valentine's Day. It's stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct Zweigart Lambswool Linen with Kaalund Silk Poinsettia and V. Clayton Heart Wood:It fell by the wayside when my eyes struggled with the fine stitching, then life got in the way, but I picked it up again last week. I'd forgotten how nicely this stitched up and just how lush those silk threads are, so more progress should be made soon. :0)

Though I'm continuing with the laundry and have done another three loads (where did all that bedding and all those towels come from?!) today hasn't been quite as manic as the last few days, I'm glad to say. Most of the cleaning is sorted and it's been another mouse free day - yippee! For Karen: you don't have to especially go and buy a jar of Nutella (not unless you really want to ;0) ) - raisins, a little peanut butter or a small piece of choccie are also effective trap bait (don't bother with cheese, they really don't fancy that). Hope you get the little beggar. >:0)

For those that were wondering: the son and heir has had a bit of a headache today (sinus pressure he tells me) otherwise he's fine. Helen: as soon as he mentioned "bug" I got the whiff of a particular farmyard odour in the air. ;0) Luckily nights like that rarely happen, but I do live in hope that he grows out of the boozy Saturday nights out stage before there's any permanent damage done to his liver.

I've been a bit achey today and am not sure if that's down to all the bending, carrying and furniture moving over the past few days or if I've OD'd on the fumes from all those cleaning products >roll eyes<. I had a lovely phone call with Jayne from Jayne's Attic mid-morning - it's always a pleasure to chat. If you're reading this: thanks for the laughs Jayne........ and for the excuse for a sit down. ;0)

If Royal Mail are on form some new goodies should be with me tomorrow and, as I'll be as excited as a three year old at their own birthday party, will more than likely post a pic so you can all share. :0)


Mylene said...

Great progress on the 'Love is you'. I Haven't tried stitching one over one, it seems it's quite difficult. Christmas trre ornament is so cute. Have a nice week.

Edda said...

Love your finishes Karan. The Santa looks so cheerful. And the colours in Carol Tinson project are lovely. Hope you have a nice day!

Sally said...

Love your cute Christmas finish and the HE is looking gorgeous.

Hope Royal Mail are good to you and bring your new goodies today:)

Karen said...

lovely finishes the Christmas finish is cute. You want me to give up MY peanut butter and or chocolate hmmmmmmm hell would freeze over first lol . I will get something tomorrow the chap who owns the shop over the road has some nutella open so me and my spoon may take a walk in that direction :O)I haven't actually found any more droppings so maybe it was doing a quick look around to see whats on offer

Julie said...

Cute xmas finish, and nice thread on the Love too