Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Lookit What I Got!

Today got off to a good start as well: not only was it sunny again, so I could get a load of washing out under the carport and spend some time in the garden, I also got a pink parcel! Inside was some lovely Polstitches Heirloom 32ct linen, which is intended for the Ink Circles Tanglewood design in last months JCS magazine, and this:Feet up with a coffee, for a full-on enjoyment experience, and a nice loooong browse later I was feeling pretty chilled and the To Do List had grown somewhat. There are some lovely ornaments in there so it would be difficult to choose an absolute favourite but, for sheer smile factor, the Charland Designs Tipsy Tree is a must stitch for me.
So what's your must stitch item?

The craft theme has continued through the day: I sat down with my stitching (UFO Tuesday, so it's back to ET again) to watch Dawn Bibby's regular two hour slot on QVC and realised there were some extra sessions today. It's amazing what you can get done and out of the way, ready for the next craft session starting. There have been some nice goodies but I haven't bought anything - I mainly watch to see the different techniques/trends and to see the samples they show to gain ideas.
Tonight I shall be on my lonesome for a while as DH has a School Governor's meeting and DS is at Alex's for their regular Dungeons and Dragons session - that's me in charge of the TV remote control then. There's another Most Haunted Live tonight (Dawn: it's on Living TV, if that helps), so I know what I'm going to be doing later. ;0)
Thanks for visiting and all the comments and I hope you're all having a good day too. :0)


Karen said...

we don't get the living channel hope they had some good ideas for you, I will be doing the tipsy tree and LHN ornaments from the magazine first.

Sally said...

I got mine today!! I haven't opened it up yet as I'm until I can concentrate on it fully and I need to make a quiche or there'll be nothing for tea tonight!

Julie said...

I got a pinkie too today, some nice ones in there this time, can't decide what to stitch first LOL