Monday, 29 October 2007

Sunny Monday and Mother Earth

What a lovely bright and sunny day it's been so far today, almost like a Spring day, so it seems quite appropriate for an update pic of my HAED Mother Earth piece. Am quite pleased as I've virtually completed page 6, the dark tree area on the left. There are some blank spaces in the rainbow but that's because I can't make out which colour should be used, as an X has been used that is only slightly thicker than another X used for a different colour. Apart from the confetti, this is the biggest bugbear with this chart: there are just too many similar symbols used and even with the use of a magnifying glass it can be difficult to tell them apart. I think I've done OK identifying the others so far but the X's have me beaten, so I shall have to go and join the HAED BB and ask for help.
I do love this piece though - it's a work of heart.

Many thanks for all the offers of help with charts for the Christmas Exchange - stitchers really are a wonderful group of people. It's OK now though, thanks, as I've found what I wanted. Now all I need to do is get on with the actual stitching......

I almost forgot: at the weekend I also signed up for a forthcoming SAL at Jayne's Attic Stitch'n'Stash Forum. It's a beautiful mixed stitch piece called Memories that Jayne herself has designed. I am so looking forward to this: a combination of mixed stitches, beads, hand dyed fabrics and threads - it is stunning. WTG Jayne!

One way and another, it's proving to be a pleasing Monday.
The lady from the Crem phoned earlier: the replacement memorial plaque has been made and was delivered and fitted today. :0)
It's good timing, as the church who supplied the lay preacher to take Dad's funeral service is holding a memorial service next Sunday and have asked if we wish to take part. They hold this every November for the families of all those they have taken funeral services for during the year. Although I shall be remembering and honouring departed loved ones at Samhain (Halloween) in my own way I do think this is a nice idea too. We'll be going over and taking DSis to visit the Crem in the afternoon, to lay flowers, then on to the service in the evening.

I haven't been able to speak to my DBro yet but my DSis has and she said his results were good. :0)

Not sure if it's down to the weather making me think of Spring but I've motored on and got quite a few of the H-word jobs done and out of the way this morning, so it's left this afternoon free for fun stuff.
Alex will be coming for her regular Monday coffee and chat session soon, so I'd better get on. Unfortunately the wild herb, mushroom and garlic stuffing we had yesterday has got a bit of a dog breath thing going: teeth brushing hasn't helped and a hunt for mints has come up empty-handed. Not that I'm bothered........ I found some After Eights at the back of a cupboard so I guess they'll just have to do instead, won't they? LOL
And there's another session of Most Haunted Live on tonight. Yay! :0)


Karen said...

don't you hate that garlic breath the next day ;O)
your HAED is looking great well done

Karen said...

forgot to say thats great news about your Brothers results ands that the plaque has been fitted

Mylene said...

WOW! Lots of progress on HAED. Really looking good.
Have a nice week.

Stitchingranny said...

Glad the Crem have sorted things for you at last Karan. ME is looking good first time Ive seen it for a while and its certainly grown quite a bit.

I got a bit fed up with filling lines in on IC so have been doing a bit of the blackwork - hope to post an update pic before I go away.

Sally said...

Mother Earth is looking stunning Karan:)

So pleased you've finally for the plaque sorted.

Lynn said...

Mother Earth is coming along beautifuly Karan, well done. I admire any one doing these charts, I just couldn't bring myself to even start one lol
Wild herb, mushroom and garlic stuffing mmmmmmm sounds delicious, all my favourite ingredients. Try chewing parsley, that's supposed to help with the garlic breath, if you've got any .. you probably put it in the stuffing rofl otherwise after eight mints sound a darn fine idea to me ;)