Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A WhooooHoooo Wednesday!

Why? Well, for a starter, it's stopped raining and there's some sunshine so I've been able to go out and do some garden jobs today - that always puts me in a good mood. :0)
Then Sally emailed to say that she's posted the HAED charts that I bought from her - OK, so they'll probably take an age to get here, thanks to the postal strike backlog, but it's still new stash on the way!
I've also now got a working scanner (and printer) again. DH swapped them round for me so I can get at the scanner better and it makes scanning pieces on frames a whole lot easier! So now that's working again here's an update on my UFO Tuesday piece, Egyptian Tablet.

Yes, I've finally completed that horrible multi-coloured wig/hair band - that's worth a big WhooHoo and Happy Dance all of its own, believe me! LOL. Mind you, there's still the backstitch on the collar to tackle: on the collar it's worked in DMC metallic thread - I'm so looking forward to that.......... not!

I had planned to make a new start after completing The Princess but that doesn't seem to have happened yet - I've wanted to keep going with ET, so have gone with the flow.
If I change my mind: Happy Holidays is all kitted to go, as is M Designs Hope tree but, as it will soon be Samhain (Halloween), I rather fancy stitching an appropriate piece for that: Passione Ricamo has some really nice freebies here and here and there's a lovely one at Whispered by the Wind and yet another lovely offering from Black Swan Designs via the Needle Delights web site, to name just a few....... spoilt for choice here and struggling to decide! >roll eyes<

In answer to Helen: sorry, my Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden hasn't made it into my Webshots album yet. It's too big to fit on the scanner and I'm not that hot with the digicam (I've no idea how to upload pics from it to the PC) and DH has been too busy to do it for me. I've got a couple more larger pieces that haven't yet made it into my Webshots either, so when he's got time I'll get him to do them all in one session and have a mass update.
Can't wait to see your progress on BFG. :0)

Well the chap from my local Freecycle group turned up and took the cake decorating items yesterday but there don't appear to be any takers for the other bits I listed. I'm not fussed though as, right on cue, the British Heart Foundation have left a donations bag, so they'll go in that, along with some clothes I've sorted....... and anything else that gets sorted between now and collection on Friday morning. Don't you just love it when the Universe works in your favour like that? LOL :0)
That's me off for a cupboard trawl. Whatever you're all getting up to, hope you're having fun. :0)


Mylene said...

Gardening? Good for you just before winter sets in. I needed to do mine as well but got ussually distracted with other activities.

Your update is looking great too.

Edda said...

You´ve made a nice progress on your UFO. It is lovely to see it grow every tuesday. Hope you have a lovely day.

Sally said...

Egyptian Tablet is looking stunning Karan:)

Finger's crossed your charts won't take too long to reach you. You're not that far away from me unless we've got some militant postal workers in between us who have gone back on strike!

Hope you manage to decide on your new start. LOL!

Julie said...

ET looks wonderful Karan, Mr Stick loves ya!!!! LOL