Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

Last night was UFO night and I stitched some more on Egyptian Tablet but am unable to post any pics at the moment - I've had strict instructions from DH not to scan or do anything with pics until he's finished sorting the PC for me. He was late home from work last night so only had chance to do all the disc back ups, which took longer than he thought. He won't get chance to look at it tonight, as we are going over to my DSis's in Doncaster, but I will make sure we are back reasonable on Thursday so he can sort it, otherwise it won't get done until the weekend and I can't wait that long!

Tonight's trip to Doncaster is so we can go to the solictor's first thing tomorrow. Since my Dad passed away in April we've sorted all the legal things out but had a slight hiccup when it came to the house: as it's never changed hands since Mum and Dad bought it in the late 1950's it's never been registered, so we can't sign it over to DSis yet.
Thinking it would be pretty straightforward off my fingers trotted to the Land Registry web site which, though mainly for use by solicitors and professional conveyancers, claims it can be used by the lay person. >Snort< I beg to differ: I couldn't find what information and forms were needed and the legal jargon gave me a headache. Stuff that says I and DSis and DBro agreed, so off we are going to the solicitor - no idea how much this will cost (an arm and a leg probably ;0) )but it'll be worth it to have the hassle taken away and know it's being done properly. We'll all breathe a sigh of relief when it's completed.

DS's first night performance went OK, despite it being made a little traumatic by one of the group members passing out in the wings! Luckily someone realised what was happening and caught her on the way down and one of the cast members is a nurse and gave First Aid and stayed with her until she was taken off in an ambulance. She's being kept in hospital for a day or so for tests but hopefully will be back with the backstage crew organising the props before too much longer. Luckily the audience were totally unaware of the off-stage drama, helped by the ambulance arriving minus sirens blaring and the paramedics coming and taking her out via the backstage door. This am dram stuff certainly has its moments!
No review in the local newspaper yet..... but if this performance is anything like the last one (Terry Pratchett's Maskerade, in which the above passed out member played a brilliant Granny Ogg) we'll thoroughly enjoy it when we go to see it on Friday night. :0)

Many thanks to those who visit, and take time to comment, it's much appreciated.... and many give me a right laugh (I've stopped drinking coffee when I check - it gets too messy). Thanks and hope you're all having a good week.

Right, I'm off to go pack our overnight bag...... I'll be Blogging a.s.a.p. after I get back and will hopefully be able to scan/post pics again by Friday, when I'll do updates of this weeks UFO stitching.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get your pc sorted soon :) it's a pain when it doesn't do what you want it to do LOL

Hope you have a good time in Doncaster! Not too far from me :)

Karen said...

ahhh you get the coffee spurts over the screen and keyboard as well !!!!!
Hope you get things sorted out with the house soon
Glad your DS's performance went ok

Julie said...

Poor girl at the Am Dram, i know they say 'break a leg' and all that LOL

Enjoy your time with DSis, hope the solicitor doesn't charge you an arm and a leg, otherwise your stitching will be very challenging !!!!