Monday, 15 October 2007

A Good Weekend

Well the weekend was a good one and got off to a flying start with our meal out. We ended up going to a pub called The Jenny Wren out in a village called Susworth, on the river bank. We didn't see anything of the river - far too dark and cold out - but the meal was excellent and worth the drive. If you're ever out that way it's well worth a visit, as the pub is all olde worlde with lots of old wood beams, some of which have been carved, and the atmosphere was lovely. It was also like a flippin' Corus convention with four people DH knew from work also eating there. I tell you, we can't go anywhere: even at the theatre there were three fellas he works with in the audience and at least two in the cast!
Just for you Karen: we both had salmon with a creamy shrimp and chive dressing, served with boiled new potatoes (in their skins with butter on) and mange tout. Afterwards I had a floater coffee with Tia Maria and DH had a whisky one and a meringue served with lemon curd and mascapone - him a diabetic too! Tut! Tut!

Saturday DS joined us and we had a family shopping day: Dunhelm so DS could buy a duvet.......... yes, it was a replacement for the one he spilled the bucket of sick over as that wouldn't fit in the washer and would've cost too much to have dry cleaned (not that I'd want to inflict that on any one!) A costly mistake he won't forget in a hurry........ mainly because I'll keep reminding him of it >:0) I also managed to get a frame for The Princess and one of those large frames with a mount board that has various sizes/shapes of apertures for photos, so I can display all my family pics together.
Next was a trip to a local retail park so DS could buy a Christmas gift for a friends older daughter (Bindeez kit - looks fun but he wouldn't let me have a play!). We popped to another store and I got one of those plastic four-drawer storage units so I can finally start organising some of my craft stash - I did have it in mind for my fabrics and the like but my cardmaking stuff would also benefit from some organisation, so not sure which to do first....... maybe I should have bought two and saved myself the dilemma!
We finished with a trip to the Pink Pig organic farm and coffee shop. Well, after all that hard work shopping and everything we'd earned a warm drink and a sticky, hadn't we? LOL We came away from there with a beef joint and veggies for Sunday's dinner.
No stitching that night but I did frame The Princess (pic later).

Sunday was a jobs day for me and DH. We were busy for much of the day but I'm still not quite sure what we actually achieved as there doesn't seem to be much evidence for it >roll eyes<
Sunday evening we watched the 300 DVD DS had bought: King Leonidis/Spartans/bloodfest just about sums it up (the action was pretty amazing to watch, if you switched off from all the gore - I'd watch it again, especially as there was a lot of skimpily clad male talent definitely worth giving a second and third look to. LOL) .
DS and I played our favourite game of spot the actor/music, i.e: Ooh, he played Faramir in LOTR; I recognise that voice but who the heck is he? (for the ones hidden under all the prosthetics); Now that sounds just like that bit out of such and such a film........ well, you get the gist of it. DS and I feel it enhances our enjoyment of the film.....DH feels we should shut up and let him watch the ruddy thing in peace. ;0) ROFL
I finally picked up a needle after the DVD finished (well, I wasn't going to risk missing any of that male talent - Ooops, I mean making a mistake on my stitching - was I?). All I managed was the outline of Guenevere's hands plus the outline and infill of her belt but that belt is in gold thread and it's awful stuff to use as it keeps unravelling as I stitch, so the little I did took an age.
I will post an update pic when there's something worth doing an update on.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled, or at least an enjoyable, weekend. :0)


Karen said...

I love salmon ,the dressing would get a me visit to A&E I am allergic to shellfish lol. Have you tried Kalhua (not sure on the spelling) floater coffee I have those sometimes. Sounds like you had a nice meal.
I would have to be with your DH on you 2 talking through the film lol mind you it sounds a bit too bloody for a wuss like me

Lynn said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend Karan :). DD's and I went to the cinema to see 300 earlier in the year and we loved it too ;)

Julie said...

WOW your DS does shopping with his mum!!! i need some advice how to get that happening here LOL

I don't do kreinik, at the LNS i found some Gutterman gold and it does the job just as good, it comes in different thicknesses too so can be used for blending or as #4 braid (used it on the blackwork dogs and the biscornu i just finished)

Sally said...

So pleased you had a good weekend Karan:) Talking of Corus my DH was there one day last week and the one the week before!