Thursday, 18 October 2007

Belated UFO Night Update

Glad to say that I managed to do a reasonable amount on my belated UFO night stitching. Here's the before pic: Here's where I left off last night:
It's coming along, slowly but surely.
Today started out a good day with a pink parcel and I knew I was feeling better when it was dived on and opened straightaway LOL. It contained the November Count On Me Fabric from Jayne's Attic: a very pretty lemony yellow, nicely wrapped with a curly ribbon and a sweet little flower attached. I love those little personal touches, they make pink parcel days extra special.
I've also had what I think is a good idea about what to stitch for my Christmas Card Exchange partner. I spent some of this morning looking through some of the downloaded charts I have on the computer, spotted one I liked and decided it was a bit basic by itself but it would be nice to develop it a little further........... but you're going to have to wait and see if it works out. I can't go spoiling the surprise for my partner now, can I? :0)
This afternoon brought some news that I'm trying not to worry about: my DBro phoned to tell me that he'd been to the GP's and he is being sent for some tests. This year has already been really difficult for us, so we hope it's just a minor health problem and that there's only positive news to come from this.
Some days it's only my stitching that keeps me sane.......... although I think DH and DS might argue that one.


Karen said...

your UFO is coming along.
I need to sort out a design for the stitched gift exchange ugh I have no idea what to stitch lol

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan I am keeping everything crossed. Sometimes never rains without pouring but we will hope this is just a routine thing that can be sorted easily.

Egypt is growing beautifully and I am really enjoying watching your updates. There is such a lot of work in this one but you will get there one day.

Sally said...

Wow that is looking stunning Karan!

Pink parcels are the best aren;'t they? I got one yesterday.

I hope everything is OK for your brother. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie said...

Great progress on ET. Hope the news is good for your Bro. LOL choosing the card design, i'm still searching for the perfect chart ....

Mylene said...

Update is moving along great.
Hope your borther's test comes out fine. Best wishes to you all.