Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Royal Wednesday

No, I haven't been visited by any of the Windsor family! LOL
Here's the update on Queen Guenevere who now has hands, a golden belt and rainbow sleeves.

Thanks for the tip about the Guttermann's Julie, I will have to remember that for next time a project calls for metallics or filaments.

Here's a scan of The Princess in a posh frame. Sorry it's so bad but DH hasn't been around to take a pic (problems at work keeping him late, again) and I couldn't wait to show it off.
The frame is actually a mirror finish in silver, very shiney, so Erin will be able to see herself in it, and the strips up the side are bands of Mother-of-Pearl. It's probably a bit overly sophisticated for a three year old but the other frame I liked, which had sparkly diamantes around the inner edge, hadn't got a deep enough rebate for the thickness of the mounted stitching. I think she'll like it though. Tuesday was UFO Night but I wasn't able to stitch at all, thanks to having a bad head and stomach. I knew I was feeling rough when the sight of a pink parcel on the doorstep didn't have me rushing to grab and open it >shock< I went back to bed. In the evening I felt too frazzled to concentrate and I didn't fancy a visit from the frogs, so left the stitching well alone.
I did open the pink parcel though: it was the Alchemy chart for the Stitch'n'Stash/Attic Humbug SAL - can't wait for that to start as it's such a lovely cute piece.

Thankfully I'm feeling much better today and, as it's been Craft Day on QVC, I've spent some of the afternoon vegging in front of that whilst stitching - perfect day or what? LOL Although the TSV and some of the Pergamano kits were mighty tempting I didn't succumb to anything.
I've also received my partners' details for the Stitched Christmas Card Exchange on S'n'S Forum. This will be my first ever exchange (I've always been too paranoid about my stitching to join in before) so I hope I get things right. Now all I've got to do is choose a design to stitch........ methinks it may take a while......... I keep changing my mind >roll eyes<.

Tonight was the Little Theatre Club's casting night for their panto Sleeping Beauty and DS has come in from that practically bouncing off the walls: he auditioned for and got the role of Eddie he wanted and it's a much bigger part than he's had in previous productions. It also involves some dancing, a singing duet (which he's apprehensive about) and a whole scene with his character talking to a glove puppet (well, it is a panto!). I am so looking forward to seeing him in that..... and to taking the mickey about his mate the glove puppet. ;0)
BTW Julie, getting him to go shopping is pretty easy as: 1) it means he gets a free feed and 2) he uses Dad's taxi service, so it doesn't cost him petrol. Guess that's his Yorkshire genes outing - his Grandad would be proud! LOL

Well I am off back to stitch on Egyptian Tablet so it'll be worth doing an update pic tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving comments, it's much appreciated.


Julie said...

QG is looking great and i love the frame, very pretty, sure to be a hit.

LOL DS and the free taxi service, don't i know that, my DD is very good as fluttering eyelashes and saying 'ppppplease' as they do .....

Congrats to DS on getting the part at the audition

Hope you're feeling all better today

Sally said...

Hope you're feeling much better Karan.

The Queen is looking brilliant and I love the frame for the The Princess!