Friday, 5 October 2007

Frustrating Friday

Frustrating because I still can't take a scan of my UFO to show as I've still got PC problems, so here's the last pic I took of my HAED Mother Earth piece instead.

We got back from DSis's at a reasonable time and DH did have a go with my PC: he swapped all the relevant hardware, only to find that my keyboard wouldn't go with that....... something about plugs/adaptors and something with a funny name that I can't remember for the life of me.
Yes, you could hear an audible Whooooooossssshhh! as it all went over the top of my head.
The search in the loft for the keyboard that did go with it didn't find it (there's that blackhole called "safe place" doing it's thing again!), so back came all the old hardware and setting up of my old PC with DH getting grumpier by the minute. Then he banged his head on the table that my PC stands on........... boy, can that man cuss when he sets his mind to it! :-0
After that, and yesterday's busy day, I think he was glad to get back to work this morning.

Yesterdays trip to the solicitor was a pleasant surprise: it shouldn't take too many more weeks for all the legal stuff to be completed plus it turns out it should only cost an arm or a leg and not both, so it won't be as expensive as we thought. Julie: in the interests of continuing my stitching I'm keeping the arm LOL. :0)
After leaving there we all went to a local cafe for a full English (mighty tasty it was too), then did a little shopping, then went straight from town to my aunt and uncle's for a visit, then on to a garden centre for a shop (making time for a cuppa and a sticky bun, of course), then back to DSis's to do some jobs for her.......... so now you see why DH was so keen to go back to work.

The production of Sweeney Todd seems to be going OK, apart from most of the cast surviving on cough linctus, cold remedies, throat pastilles and the like to keep them going - they all seem to be succumbing to whatever lergy is going round. DS says backstage it's more like a Chemist's shop than a theatre.
The lady who collapsed is still in hospital having tests: lots of rumours circulating but the most reliable one seems to be that she is being sent to Grimsby hospital for an MRI, as they're wondering if she may have had a mini-stroke. Fingers crossed it isn't and there's only good news.
DH and I go to see the production tonight, so he's under strict instructions not to be late. I'll be making a quick tea soon and I've already got my outfit ready, including the shoes and jewellery to go with. It's a 7.30pm start so I like to be organised.

Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you do. :0)


Karen said...

I like going to various garden centres to check out the coffee and cakes LOL we have 5 big garden centres quiet close to us

Sally said...

Your HAED is looking good Karan:) I'm having an off time with mine! Lol!

Sounds like your DH had fun with your PC! Mmm banging his head would finish my DH off too and get him cursing!

Hope all goes well with the show.

Julie said...

Mother Earth looks great Karan. Hope the young lady gets well soon.

Mylene said...

Great progress on your HAED project, Karan.