Monday, 29 October 2007

Fun and Frolics and Chillin'

Well DS's duties as Best Man on Friday seemed to have gone down well and he didn't do a bad job, by all accounts. The well thought out and considered speach he wrote (OK, what he threw together the night before) got chucked to one side and he ad-libbed his way through and it went down well - so wish I'd been a fly on the wall for that! :0)
The evening do was OK - nice to see DS having fun (so that's what he gets up to when he goes out!). The bride, groom and bridesmaids (her two DD's of 15 & 17 from a previous relationship) looked lovely and so happy, it was a pleasure to see them all together. There were an awful lot of people there that I didn't know but I coped OK, although I wasn't keen when DH kept popping off to take photos, leaving me on my tod......... though a couple of Tia Maria and Cokes later and it didn't bother me quite so much. ;0)
What did bother me was the disco - it was so LOUD. Why do DJ's think you can only have a good time if the music is played at top volume? It was generally good stuff he was playing but it doesn't help the conversation any when you have to shout to make yourself heard. Yep, I now realise that it's official: at only 46 years old I am now a fully fledged member of the Old Farts Brigade. ROFL
No pics yet: DH has to take the film to be processed, as he did the old David Bailey bit and used his Pentax rather than the Digicam.

Saturday started off steady for us. No hangovers, we're just not used to late night partying these days and it had been a long week for both of us: work was hectic for DH and the emotional rollercoaster days had taken their toll on me. We had a quiet day pottering round the house doing jobs, watched a bit of TV and I got some stitching done.
There was no rest for the wicked though: DS was up bright and early and went off to Brigg Farmers Market with Alex. He came back in the afternoon suitably laden with all kinds of lovely food. That was followed up by a quiet afternoon and evening in: curry from our local takeaway and Spiderman III DVD plus more stitching on Mother Earth. Oh, and the first night of a five-day special Most Haunted Halloween Live. Yay!

Sunday was another quiet day. DS painted out a kitchen cupboard for me while I got on with preparing the veggies for the dinner. DH was supposed to be making a new shelf to go in the cupboard but he only seemed to get as far as hunting out some Contiplas for it - those repeats of Poirot seemed to distract him an awful lot and it didn't help when he almost got called in to work (luckily he helped the fella fix things via directions over the phone).
Dinner was boiled beef, carrots, leeks (all from the farmers market), mashed and roast potatoes (local farm shop), gravy and wild mushroom, herb and garlic stuffing (farm shop). Good job I forgot the Yorkshire puds - we were stuffed full as it was!
DS disappeared off to Alex's house for a session of Dungeons and Dragons - quiet evening for us, with another night of Most Haunted Live plus more stitching on Mother Earth (see next post for an update pic).

Hectic or quiet, hope you all had a good weekend. :0)


Sally said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend Karan:) I agree about discos being loud! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey. Sounds like you had a lovely, if not loud weekend lol.

What channel is Most Haunted on? I haven't seen it advertised. Used to watch it on Sky but we haven't got that now - just wondered if it's on a Freeview channel.

Karen said...

I think DJ's play music so loud so you can't actually hear how bad it is , yes I am a old fart as well lol

Mylene said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend too. Here was busy but fun!!

Julie said...

Mother Earth looks gorgeous Karan

Fantastic news from the Crem, the service sounds a lovely thing, another stress situation all sorted for you. Good news about Bro as well.