Sunday, 30 September 2007

Of Mice and Men.....

I made a new stitching start last night, a small charity item, but it isn't worth posting a pic - I'll do that when it's finished.
I was going to post a pic of my progress on Love Is You by Carol Tinson of Heirloom Embroideries instead, as I actually picked it up and stitched on it during the week (after a loooong break) but Blogger isn't playing today. :0(

As for the mouse saga: no forlorn little body in either of the traps today so I'm hoping that means it was a lone squatter - either that or it's gone off the Chilli Chocolate since its major binge, with its unfortunate side effects. It's unusual, as they usually travel in pairs..... and a breeding pair at that (going green at the thought of orphaned mouse babies - that really would mess with my Karma!)
The cleaning frenzy has continued today with the help of DH, who hasn't had to work today (for a change) and is happy to help now the Grand Prix has finished (why do men insist on watching these things when they are taping them anyway??!!!). The washing machine is starting to complain at the amount of over-time it's being forced to do, as I'm washing all the bedding and towels from the bed drawers - yes, the ruddy thing had even been in them and my skin hasn't stopped crawling since that discovery - but I'm making it have it. The bed has been thoroughly Dyson'd and if I'd got a steam cleaner it would've had a dose of that as well. Thank goodness for the better weather today, otherwise the tumble dryer would also be reduced to a quivering wreck. ;0)

As if there wasn't enough to do already here's what happened last night: our DS went to a friends 18th birthday party and fell back into the house around 2am, promptly throwing up into the kitchen sink. Pretty gross..... even grosser when I realised he hadn't bothered taking out the dirty plates and cutlery I'd left in there last night 'cos I just couldn't face more cleaning (the Universe teaching me another lesson, no doubt >roll eyes<). The sink had a liberal dose of disinfectant and the pots got Milton'd.
A minor dose of verbal earbashing was given as he came up the stairs and disappeared into his bedroom but he felt too rough to care and the kitchen compost bin had to be pressed into an alternative use. I walked away and left him to it..... big mistake, as the contents somehow ended up on his quilt, so that had to be stripped off and another one found. More verbal earbashing was given and an evil plan to offer him a greasy fry-up this morning was hatched >:0) but I abandoned that when I spoke to him this morning and realised that the sickness had less to do with the booze and more to do with a bug. He did have the good grace to apologise and is feeling pretty shame-faced today and no hang-over in sight.

After all that it's now got to the stage where: it feels like the Marigolds will have to be surgically removed from my hands; an industrial sized tub of Udder Cream will be needed to get my hands fit for stitching again; moving house feels like it would be much less work and we're having to have a re-stock of disinfectant, Milton, Persil tabs, Ariel tabs, bleach, Dettol Multi-Surface, replacement Marigolds etc etc. We're pretty sure the cashier at Tesco is going to think we're a couple of weirdos with a cleaning fetish ........ guess I'll just have to smile sweetly and think of all those Sports for Schools vouchers our friends' school will benefit from. ;0)


Julie said...

oh Karan, i have this mental image of you now with hands in the air waving your marigolds like mad and doing a trolley dash round tesco filling it up LOL

Karen said...

we moved all the furniture around downstairs looking for our visitor lol but I think he/she was hiding laughing at us, I will have to get some nutella tomorrow for DH to set some traps this week. Hope your DS is feeling better

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan, it sounds all go at your house. Think every mother of a son past teenage years knows exactly what you felt like in the early hours (lol and they would all have us believe they didnt drink much and it was a bug lol).
Don't worry most of them grow up to be quite adequate adults.

Sally said...

Oh dear sounds like you had great fun ( not!) with your DS!

Looking forward to seeing your WIPs.