Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Torrential Tuesday

The weather has been appalling so far: torrential rain for much of the night and morning - we've got a paddling pool in the front garden again and the poor flowers are drooping under the weight of the rain drops on them. It's stopped now but it's so dank, cold and dreary it makes you want to curl up under a fleecy blanket and hibernate....... methinks those hedgehogs have the right idea! As I've got a bit of a cold and my throat is painful (flare up of an old problem) I may just succumb to a fleecy blanket snuggle this afternoon.

I'm still minus a scanner and printer but do have all my previously scanned pics on this computer now, so thought I'd share one of my blackwork Renaissance Angel. I love this piece, which is a Mary Hickmott design from an issue of her New Stitches magazine, and it was an absolute delight to stitch (although, strictly speaking, it should probably be called navy blue work LOL). I have plans to finish it as a wall hanging when I find a suitable fabric for it....... and finally tamed my flippin' sewing machine. That has a nasty habit of galloping off at top speed at the slightest touch of the pedal, scaring me half to death and giving me palpitations in the process, so I tend to avoid it........ which means I have a drawerful of pieces awaiting finishing >roll eyes< and I will get around to them one day.
Just watch out for that low flying squadron of pigs ;0)

I'm once again having fun re-homing stuff via my local Freecycle group.
The mouse hunt and clean-up meant I delved in areas that haven't been delved in for some time and it unearthed a few bits that are now surplus to requirements - well, if I've lived without them for this long, then chances are I can permanently do without them, can't I?
One person's clutter is definitely another one's treasure as just about everything I've ever posted on there has had a taker. Today's offerings are: some cake decorating items; some cutters and some vacuum cleaner bags.
A result already: there's a chap calling for the cake decorating items some time today.
If you're in urgent need of a de-clutter and are desperate to get stuff off your hands, then I can highly recommend using your local Freecycle group. :0)

As today is UFO Tuesday on the Stitch'n'Stash Forum (boy, does that seem to come round quick!) I'll be stitching on Egyptian Tablet again today. This is starting to show the benefit of having some extra time spent on it these last few days and is coming on nicely. DH says he'll be sorting out my scanner and printer tonight, so a pic should be forthcoming soon. Hurray!


Stitchingranny said...

Looking forward to seeing an update on your Egyptian on Karan.
The Navy Work is lovely and you will have to battle with the sewing m/c and get this done.

Is Ink Circles in your webshots? because I cant find it and I wanted to take a peep at yours. Will have to do an update on mine as just about finished the 3rd lot of outlines so only one more set to go.

Julie said...

Blackwork Angel looks lovely Karan. Mr Stick loves a hard worker LOL

Karen said...

I like the blackwork its lovely. we had such heavy rain it knocked all the sky tv off lol its stopped here for a while

Sally said...

We had heavy rain yesterday too Karan. DH went to work early only to find that the check had been called off due to the weather!

Love your Renaissance Angel.

I really should put some stuff up on Freecycle but I usually end up taking it to the charity shop instead!