Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Another UFO Night, Another Update

Even though I've done extra stitching on ET this week I couldn't miss the regular UFO night, could I? Certainly not when I know Julie's Mr Stick is hovering and raring to go! LOL So this is where I left off last night: I think I'll be leaving her alone until next week now though - I don't want to overdo it and get fed-up with her.
There's also my stitched card exchange to sort out, as I don't want to leave things until the last minute and get into a panic. The good idea I had isn't going to plan so I've been dithering about what else to stitch, had a re-think, and decided on something else (can you see why I haven't signed up for exchanges before now?) I know what I want to stitch for my partner - it's just a matter of finding the right chart, so some serious hunting through downloads and web searching is going on here. Maybe I should have told Jane that my sign-up was for Christmas 2008, to give me a bit extra time. ;0) ROFL

I shall have to get my papercrafting head on soon as well: DH and I have been invited to a wedding evening do on Friday night, so I need to get a card made for the happy couple - friends of our DS from the amateur dramatic group, and he's the Best Man.
I haven't been to a party in years because of the agoraphobia and panic attacks I am getting over - it would be another step in the right direction, providing it's good news from DBro and I can actually make myself go. Fingers crossed!

DBro should get all of his test results tomorrow. Thanks to all for the well wishes - hoping they've worked for him. :0)

The chap from the Crem didn't phone me back yesterday....... no surprise there then, I'm getting quite used to this happening by now. I phoned today and got a very helpful woman at the other end: our parents memorial plaque seems to have gone a.w.o.l after being sent to the Courier for delivery back in September, so they'll be chasing it up tomorrow and getting back to me. You would think the Crem's admin staff should've realised something was amiss before now, without my needing to phone, but I won't stress over this: it's their problem, they can deal with it, and if the plaque can't be found they will be expected to supply another one a.s.a.p, sorting out between the three of them (Crem/Maker/Courier) as to who pays for it. Enough said.
Fingers crossed the cheque from the bank will turn up soon as well.......... and let's hope they make this one out correctly!

Right, I'm off to get some tea then set off on another web trawl for that elusive chart.
Hope everyone is having a good day, whatever you are up to. :0)


Karen said...

it's so annoying when people don't do a job properly, what sort of design arte you looking to stitch for the card and don't say Christmas!!!! looking forward to seeing your paper card finished

Stitchingranny said...

Egypt looks better every time i see her.

Sorry cant help with the chart as without my computer I have no access to any of my downloads though i lots of small designs in my normal files if I can help in that way.

Julie said...

ET looks wonderful. I think i've found my design for the exchange, only changed my mind about 20 times though ... and there's still time to change it again before i kit it up LOL


Sally said...

EG looks fantastic Karan!