Thursday, 25 October 2007

A Yo-Yo Day

After putting ET to one side yesterday, and not having found that ideal chart for the exchange card, I picked up my HAED Mother Earth piece last night after a looong break. The fine work is still a bit tiring on my eyes but I'd forgotten just how beautiful this piece is, so will be continuing with it for a little longer. No pic yet, as there hasn't been enough progress to make it worth taking one.

The chart hunt was successful today. Karen: I can't tell you what it's for because you said you didn't want me to say it.......... but it's seasonal and starts with a C and ends in s. ;0) LOL
My re-think was to go with a bit of a theme and the chart I've chosen fits in nicely with it. Not saying any more, so you'll just have to wait and see. Eheheh! Next job is to gather the fabric and threads together, then I can make a start.

The card theme continued in the afternoon when I finally got my papercrafting head on and made the wedding card for tomorrow.
The scan is awful: I've used cream pearlescent card, gold card, shiney gold peel-offs and amber coloured gems and it's much sparklier in real life. Hope they like it.

My DBro had a scan yesterday and he says the good news is........ he's not pregnant. LOL
He's been told there's no sign of anything nasty in his major organs etc, as far as they can see. Am still waiting to hear from him about the results of the other tests, so still got my fingers crossed.

The woman from the Crem got back to me today: it sounds like the Courier excuse wasn't quite true. What did happen is that someone at the suppliers, at some stage, managed to drop and damage the memorial plaque and whoever it was didn't bother to sort out a replacement for it. This has now been arranged and it should be ready and fitted in a weeks time - she'll phone me to confirm. I'm not stressing but admit I got a bit upset after hearing what had happened.

My DSis tells me that the cheque from Dad's bank has arrived, all as it should be and made out correctly. When that's cleared everything there will all be done and dusted so we can finally kiss them goodbye. Yay!

So with all that lot I feel like a flippin' yo-yo - up one minute, down the next, then up again........ you get the picture >roll eyes< I'm off to do some sanity saving: a bit of stitching. :0)


Karen said...

Glad you found a chart lol!!!!!
How sad your DBro isn't pregnant just think how rich you would all be if he was ;O) on a serious side I am glad they didn't find anything nasty in there hopefully the the other tests come back good as well.
At least the woman from the crem has sorted things out for you pity it took so long for it to happen it's sounding loke you can draw a fine line under all this now, and forget the bad parts and start remembering the good things.
Your card is super they will love it

Stitchingranny said...

will still keep my fingers crossed (and everthing else) for your brothers test results Karan.

Apart from that doesnt sound like the day went badly. At least now you have money sorted and the plaque is back on line so that should be started soon.

Enjoy your stitching.

Lynn said...

sorry you've had all this bad luck, I hope every thing gets sorted and settled soon (((hugs)))
Glad you Bro has still got a sense of humour, it always helps lol

Your card is beautiful, I can just picture the colours, I'm sure they'll love it :).. I never think to take pics of my hand made cards, I've made several this last couple of months :/

Julie said...

Good news they found nothing nasty for your Bro, hope the other tests come back just as good. Also that things with the bank and crem will soon be all sorted too. Keep yout chin up. Take Care{hugs}

Sally said...

Hoping the rest of your DB's tests come back fine. Now that would have been interesting had he been pregnant! He'd have been made for life!

So pleased to hear, at long last that things are getting sorted.

The wedding card is beautiful:)

Mylene said...

Lovely card Karan. I am sure they will love it.
Hope your brother's test comes out fine.
Have a nice weekend.