Monday, 8 October 2007

Culture, Computers & Crafts

Culture: DH and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the theatre on Friday night.
As Sweeney Todd is a Victorian melodrama some audience participation was expected: the hero's/heroine were clapped & hurrah'd and Sweeney Todd the villain was well and truly boo'd and hissed at. The kids in a pantomime audience would've been given a good run for their money by us lot - it was fun! :0)
The lady who collapsed during the first night performance did have a mini-stroke. She has been lucky: this seems to have been a warning for her and she's also had it diagnosed before her condition has had chance to deteriorate to a really serious level. Fingers crossed with the right treatment/dietary advice she'll be OK and it's hoped she'll feel fit enough to take up her part as Granny Ogg in the next Pratchett production - no one else could do it as well!

Computers: The tinkerings at the weekend didn't go quite to plan. DH got the new system up and running OK but had problems trying to get the important stuff on it, like bookmarked sites, old emails, my address book and my emailed charts etc etc. He eventually worked out how to transfer them but I'm still minus a working scanner and printer, all the scanned pics of my stitching and cards I've ever done (so no pics at all until that's sorted) and all those downloaded charts that'll come in useful some time and took me years to accumulate >sob< Guess what he'll be doing in the evenings this week? ;0)
I'm not complaining though: this new system is a darned sight quicker than the old one (dizzyingly so at times) and has more memory.......... room for even more downloaded cross stitch freebie charts that'll come in useful one day LOL.

Crafts: We were out Friday night and much of Saturday (another garden centre trip with an added organic farm shop visit), so I didn't get any stitching done then, but I did stitch on Sunday night while watching Bruce Willis's 16 Blocks DVD. Yup, all those channels and still absolutely nothing on TV worth watching, was there?
Julie and Mr Stick will be pleased to know that the project that got my attention last night was Egyptian Tablet........ yes, I actually wanted to stitch on it :-o Although I'm not stitching the hair band, so that's probably helped LOL. As soon as I have a working scanner again I will post progress pics.
Thanks to Sally I shall soon be the proud owner of two more HAED charts but I'm not saying which ones until they've arrived, just to keep the suspense going a bit ;0)
Thanks for the opportunity to add these to my stash Sally. :0)

I think I'm now officially in SABLE mode.....


Karen said...

I lost loads of free charts that are on the will do at sometime list, I hate using the laptop I am on at the moment I have no printer or scanner lol soooo when I get my new toy I will be so happy ;O)
Sounds like you had a great time friday night
we have freesat or something I guess it's free cause there is nothing to watch lol or I am just too fussy

Julie said...

Sounds like a good night, i like audience participation, you get to feel like a big kid again LOL

Mr Stick is well pleased Karan, he sends {{big kiss}}

Sally said...

You're welcome Karan. They've gone in the post this morning so hope they're with you promptly.