Friday, 30 November 2007

A Thank You, a UFO and a WIP

I'd just like to say a big Thank You for all the supportive messages: you're all so thoughtful and kind and they mean a great deal. I believe that what a person sends out into the world comes back to them threefold - you are all due to receive many blessings for your kindness. Thank you. :0)
I lit candles and incense and said prayers yesterday and it was quite comforting. DSis tells me the funeral was well attended - Norma was much loved and they did her proud.

Now on to other things before I go getting upset again.
As you all know, due to having a brain lapse this week, UFO Tuesday ended up as UFO Wednesday instead, so here is the pic of the progress from my delayed UFO night stitching:
There's at least another two or three nights worth of background stitching left....... or four or five if I go really slow >wink<........ so the metallic is staying firmly attached to the thread sorter for a bit longer. :0)
As this is a DMC kit and I used the fabric supplied I must say I'm amazed at how little fabric is left around the edges of this piece for framing purposes. I don't remember previous DMC kits I've stitched being that mean with the size of fabric before and think it's a false economy on their part: it will make me think twice about buying another of their kits in future. I know I'm not the only stitcher to have commented on this recently, so do wonder how much custom they are losing because of this?

Here is a pic of progress on my latest WIP as well:

Can you guess what it is now? Helen: it's definitely not another ET - once will definitely be enough for that particular piece LOL. Clue: it's a festive design.

Speaking of festive designs, Ina posted a link on the S'n'S forum yesterday for a gorgeous freebie from Gigi, which can be found here. Isn't it gorgeous? In a pre-planning mode I recently bought my first couple of skeins of Rajmahal Art Silks (No 256 Hot Plum and No 379 Titian) mainly to see what they're like, with a view to kitting up ready to start the Wal D Champs piece Arabesque some time next year (intended as a Wedding Anniversary piece for our 25th in 2009). Jayne recommended trying the threads out first, as they can be difficult to use so........ guess what I intend trying them out on? Yes, I think that freebie from Gigi will be ideal, so many thanks to Gigi for being so generous. :0)

Well DH got back last night from the course in Manchester and promptly filled up the laundry basket with dirty washing >rolleyes<. He brought me back a pressie. While he was in Manchester he and a colleague had a bit of a wander one night, while waiting for a tram to turn up, and found a Bavarian Market that was being held there. It got a bit cold so they had a mug of mulled wine and a frankfurter or two to warm themselves up before catching the tram back to the hotel. Yup, you guessed it: my pressie was the freebie mug he'd had the mulled wine in. A remark about being so tight I could hear him squeaking when he walked and a comparison to a ducks watertight bottom was made. ROFL Good job he knows I'm joking. I also realise it could have been a whole lot worse........... he could have brought back a cold, greasy frankfurter instead!

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend. :0)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

In the Pink

because it was a pink parcel day yesterday and today. Yesterday's parcel was a surprise: a Christmas card and pressie from Jayne. I've put the pressie away in my wardrobe in an attempt to stop me peeking - I have very little will power when it comes to things like that, so I'm hoping out of sight, out of mind. Many thanks Jayne. :0)
Yesterday also saw the scroll frame that Karen sent, so I'd have two spare frames and be able to start both Tanglewood and Rosemarkie, finally arrive. Karen posted it to me a week ago last Saturday and we both thought it had gone a.w.o.l. but it looks like it just fancied an adventure and took the scenic route instead. Many thanks for your generosity Karen (((((hugs))))). I did make a new start but it wasn't either of the ones you sent the frame for >rolleyes< (more of that later). Today's pink parcel contained my Monthly Club goodies: another beautiful rainbow of Carrie's threads and another gorgeous opalescent fabric, a 32ct Lugana called Shimmering Ocean. Doesn't that fabric just shout mermaids at you? :0) I'm going to have to invest in more of the plastic bacon boxes I store the CC's in as the ones I have are now filled to overflowing - unless someone can suggest a much better storage system that isn't too bulky (storage space is limited).

Well, despite having read the reminder on the S'n'S forum from Julie and Mr Stick re: UFO night yesterday............ and despite saying I'd be stitching............ guess who actually forgot all about it and made that new start instead? Now you know why the motto beneath my name on the forum is: Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most. Those senior moments are happening more often and I'm only 46 - goodness knows what I'm gonna be like a few more years down the line! LOL. Actually, I'm putting it down to lack of sleep because, as usual when DH is away, I'm not sleeping too well - the bags under my eyes are now big enough to pack a holidays worth of clothes in and the dark circles make me look like a panda. ;0) Never mind - I shall sleep for England after he gets back.
Here's the new start:
Can you tell what it is yet?
I shall put the new start to one side and will make up for UFO night tonight and will post an update pic when I've done.

Thankfully there haven't been any more mouse corpses, rigid or otherwise, in the trap since Monday's nasty surprise and no signs of any calling cards anywhere else in the house. Yay! Pleased about that, as I really didn't fancy having to have another manic cleaning and disinfecting spree this close to the festive season.

As DH is away on this course (he wasn't able to drop out of it or come home a day early) and DS can't get the day off work I won't be able to attend Norma's funeral tomorrow. I rang my Uncle last week to explain and apologise and he was very understanding but I still feel awful about it, as I wanted to be there to pay my respects and give them some moral support, especially my Aunty who is taking it very hard.
It won't be the same as going to the funeral but I will have a quiet day tomorrow and at the time of the service will light candles and incense and have a small ceremony for her here.

Take care all. :0)

Monday, 26 November 2007

Blue Monday

No pics to show you today I'm afraid. After the cardmaking I wasn't in the right mood for a new start so I did a bit of stitching on ET on Saturday night instead but it's not enough to make it worth doing a pic for.
We were out at my DSis's yesterday, so no cards made and no stitching done...... but we did have dinner out, a good gossip, watched the latest Harry Potter DVD and she has now got a fully functioning wardrobe door once again. :0)
Today it's been house jobs and Alex's visit, plus seeing DH off before tea, making sure he'd packed everything he needed beforehand, as he's away on a course in Manchester for the next few days, so no crafting or stitching done yet.

No, that isn't why it's a blue Monday.

Guess what I found when I came down this morning? A flippin' rigid mouse corpse in the trap in the back room, that's what!!! >:0[
Fortunately we left the trap down and primed "just in case" and it looks like it's a good job we did. I glanced down at the trap, did a double-take, went for a closer look then said - in the best Victor Meldrew tradition - I don't believe it! Well, actually I said a whole lot more than that but I can't put it in print 'cos I'd get kicked off Blogger............ so now you know why it's been a blue Monday! ;0)

Problem is I don't know if this is the mate of the other little beggar we got, a lone scavenger or one of a new pair. Now, having searched high and low for the choccie bait and not finding it, the question is: did the mouse die happy getting a feed in before it triggered the trap or did the bait launch into orbit and I just haven't found it yet or did it come with a buddy, with the heartless little sucker leaving his/her mate to take the consequences while it cleared off with the choccie?
Just in case it's the latter the trap has been re-baited, primed and put back where it was and it won't be coming up again until summer......... or until DH extracts his digit and finally puts some fine mesh over the air bricks, whichever happens soonest.................... my bet is on summer. LOL

Thankfully there was no evidence of the mouse having been anywhere else in the house, unlike last time. I'm now really good at mouse poo hunting, verging on expert, and am wondering whether there'd be a commercial market for my expertise. ROFL

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my cards, they're much appreciated. Hope everyone's Monday morning was a whole lot less blue than mine. ;0)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Card Crazy

Can't say as I'm overly sure how Blogger has done this to my pics but at least it's different! Despite all the new stash I haven't picked up a needle for a couple of days - this is what I've been doing instead.

The three cards to the right are Friday night's makes and the three above are today's makes, with the left one being made earlier in the week...... I decided to keep going as I seem to be on a roll with the cardmaking at the moment.
The flower ones and Santa are my favourites and the Santa one is for my nephew Finlay.
I've got a few more Christmas cards to make, as well as a couple of birthday cards, so am hoping that the inspiration keeps going over the next few days so I can get them all done........ that'll be another job out of the way then. :0) I won't have chance to do them tomorrow though, as we're going to my DSis's for the day: not sure what the plan is (going out somewhere or staying in) but I know she has a wardrobe door hanging off its hinges that's in urgent need of my DH's attention.
Today has been relatively quiet as we've stayed in all day: neither of us fancied tackling the pre-Christmas shopping crowds in town or the bitterly cold weather. I got on with the cardmaking and a few other things (like joining the Amanda SAL Yahoo group) while DH popped out to the local shops for a couple of bits he needed, then tackled some small DIY jobs. DS shot off first thing to the Farmers Market in Brigg: not just to stock us up on more local goodies but to also order the duck and other meats for Christmas, which he'll pick up at the market next month. Another job done. :0)
I plan on getting my big supermarket shop ordered tonight and delivered next week (I love hassle-free online shopping!) to stock up my cupboards and freezers, so that'll not only cross another job off the list but will take us one step closer to being ready for the festive season. Am I usually this organised? Nah........ I really don't know what's happening, especially as I usually belong firmly in the MOF Brigade (that's Miserable Old Farts, for the uninitiated) LOL. I guess it all acts as a distraction from recent events, so I'm not complaining.
Well I've got a curry about to turn up so I'd better go for now. Whatever you are all doing this weekend I hope you are having a good time...... and if it involves Christmas shopping, hope it's hassle-free. :0)

Friday, 23 November 2007

Wagons Roll!

No I haven't been watching one of those shonky cowboy films...... after another stash splurge earlier this week and signing up for Carol Tinson's Amanda SAL today, plus buying the chart and goodie pack for it, I think I'd better get me on that there stash wagon for a while, don't you?
Well I'd better enjoy these last goodies for a while and part of that enjoyment is in sharing, so......

First off: some Zweigart 28ct Flax Cashel Linen; JBW Designs French Country Pumpkin chart and the WDW Terra Cotta thread to stitch it.
Then three more JBW Designs Christmas charts. I ordered the WDW Garnet thread to stitch the Stocking and Reindeer but it's out of stock and is to follow. (Bummer: I wanted to start these now LOL).
I already have plenty of various WDW green threads, so will delve in my stash for something appropriate for the top three designs. There were more charts than this on the Sew and So site and I loved most of them, so thought I was being really good when only ordering these four! ;0)
Finally, being a big fan of the Valerie Pfeiffer birds (got quite a collection in my stash), how could I resist this little beauty?

Anyone like to take a guess at what my new start will be? No, I don't know yet either so maybe I should toss a coin....... LOL

Thanks for the responses re: the new Yahoo group. You've confirmed what I was thinking, so I won't be signing up. The email has now been despatched into cyberspace heaven (OK, I hit the delete button but it sounds so much nicer the other way).

Just for you Karen (LittleCat): this is what Egyptian Tablet should look like when it's completed: I am so looking forward to the backstitch highlighting in the DMC gold metallic thread....... NOT! I think Mr Stick may get plenty of bashing in when I reach that bit and Julie's arm is going to look like half of her has been on steroids. LOL

DH is popping home soon, so I'd better go and do something - can't have him thinking I've been sitting in front of the computer all day, can I? ;0) He'll be taking a batch of parcels, including the Christmas Card exchange one, to the PO for me, so it'll be good to have them on their way and hopefully beating the Christmas rush. Am I really this organised so soon? You can bet I've gone and forgotten something!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

UFO Update

Thought I'd better show the latest progress pic of Egyptian Tablet. I stitched a little on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, as I'm doing little and often - my concentration levels are all over the place at the moment.

I've completed the Christmas Exchange card and got everything parcelled up today, ready to go off to my partner. I shall reveal all once I know it's been received. :0)
While I'd got the gift wrap etc out I also wrapped and parcelled the hand knitted cravat/scarves I bought from Jenny, as they've got to travel up to DH's nieces in Glasgow.
I made the mistake of browsing the Sew and So site on Tuesday. Initially it was just as a distraction, as I was feeling pretty low, but it turned into a shop when I spotted some gorgeous JBW Designs charts. The French Country range are so sweet, resistance was low and I was unable to resist them. Hopefully they'll get here tomorrow. Don't think I'd better do any more browsing of any sites for a while or it might get really expensive.
Sorry Julie, I will have to disappoint you: DS tells me that no one took a camera out with them last Saturday night, so there aren't any pics of him dressed as a pimp. The outfit was: black shoes, black Thai silk shirt, a black cane with silver handle (plastic) , a wide brimmed velvety hat, velvety trousers and a long coat as well - the hat trousers and coat being bright orange with zebra trim. Think of some of the Gangsta Rap "singers" and you'll get the general idea. He took all the gear and got ready at his mates house, so I didn't get to see him all dressed up..... unfortunately. ;0)
BTW, I've had an invite to join a Yahoo group called xstitchfreebiefinder which says it's taking over from where Sue's group left off. Does anyone know anything about this group? I wasn't ever a member of the other group, so don't know how they've got my email address or who the invite is from, so - erring on the side of caution - would appreciate any further information before I contemplate joining. Thanks. :0)

Thank You

Thank You for the kind comments over Norma's passing, they mean a lot.
The funeral is next Thursday.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Blessed Release

My DSis phoned around 8am to let me know that Norma passed away early this morning, in Doncaster Royal Infirmary as the hospice were unable to take her in. She slipped away peacefully, in her sleep, with my cousin and their son by her side.
She was 42 years old on Sunday - no age at all.
Rest in Peace Norma. xxx

Monday, 19 November 2007

Monday Again

Where are the days going to? They seem to be flying past at the moment.

Friday was a day of jobs and stitching.

Saturday was my DH's birthday and he said he didn't mind taking me over to the new stitching show at Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre but I didn't think it was fair to drag him round that, so decided not to bother. He put my new wall pot up on the front wall of the house instead and I told him it was a strange way to spend a birthday but he said he'd rather get on and do something. I think the fact he's on the downhill slope after 50 may be why he wasn't so keen on any fuss or celebrations. We had a quiet night in with an Indian takeaway while DS was out on the razzle round town on his belated birthday bash - a fancy dress night and he went dressed as a Pimp, of all things (where did I go wrong with that child? ;0) ). If I can get my hands on some photos I shall post a pic. :0)

Sunday I took one look at the wild, wet and windy weather and decided I couldn't face going out, not even to a stitch show. DH wasn't feeling too great and kept sneezing, so we stayed in the warm: the boiler just needed a tweak of the water tap to bring it back up to pressure the other day, so it's working fine now. We did a few jobs and I had another stitching session - not only did I complete the design for the card exchange but also finished it into a card. Yay! Unfortunately I can't post a pic until after the exchange has been completed, so here are pics of the two papercraft Christmas cards I made yesterday instead:
Hopefully that will help put me in the right mood to make the rest but..........

I got a phone call from my DSis Sunday evening: my cousin's wife had been rushed into hospital a little earlier. She was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and a brain tumour secondary (and further patches in her bones and neck and who knows where else) just two weeks after my Dad's funeral service: up until then she was being treated for vertigo!!! It's suspected that the brain tumour secondary burst last night. When the paramedics arrived they resuscitated her. OK, I know that's their job but come on, for goodness sake: the poor woman is riddled with cancer and has already gone through hell and they bring her back to brain damage and further pain and suffering....... I feel it would have been so much kinder to leave her be and let her cross over to the Otherworld. My cousin and two of his brothers went to the hospital with her. I haven't heard anything else since. I lit a candle for them all last night and would be grateful for prayers and blessings for Norma and her family, thank you.

Today is another wet and miserable day and I'm doing my regular jobs, as Alex is due for a visit later. What a lifeline her visit will be today.

I've got behind with Blog visits but hope to catch up in the next day or so. Sally: I've bought from HollieStitch on several occasions and have always found them to give a fast and efficient service, so am happy to recommend them. :0)

Hope you all had a good weekend and the weather is better where you are.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

On A Cold And Frosty Morning

It seems our central heating boiler lost pressure some time during the early hours, due to the hard frost we've had, and didn't come on to warm up the house before we got up this morning. It was definitely a tad nipply, as my DS calls it (charming child) . :0)
The frost had also claimed a victim outside: a poor cyclist seems to have come a cropper on the crossroads and had to be taken off in the back of an ambulance, all before 8a.m. Hope he/she is OK. What a way to start the day!

Anyway, as promised here's the latest UFO Tuesday and Wednesday night progress on EgyptianTablet:
As you can see I've been stitching on the opposite side to last time and that's not the edge of the border on the left corner either, there's some more to stitch there yet. Not complaining though, as I'm quite enjoying this at the moment. I actually fancied carrying on with it tonight but decided I'd better concentrate on my Christmas card for the exchange instead - I suddenly realised that the posting date is fast approaching and I'd better extract my digit if it's to be finished in time.

That Christmas card is turning into a bit of a saga. The sparkly fabric, although Christmassy enough, just wasn't working with the design so this afternoon I went for a root round in my stash for a more suitable fabric. As it was all piled together in a crate this led to me finally sorting through it all and arranging it into the 4-drawer plastic storage unit I bought some weeks ago: top drawer is all 28ct; next down is for 32ct and miscellaneous linens; next down is all different aida, hardanger fabrics and banding and the bottom drawer is for cloth items that can be stitched on. By the end of that I was a little surprised, as it made me realise I'd got way more fabric than I thought........... but don't tell anybody I said that, especially not DH. ;0)
The upshot of all that was that (as well as getting nicely organised fabrics and backache) I came away with a lovely piece of Jayne's Count On Me fabric that I reckon will look much better and restarted the design on that tonight. It's certainly helping my eyes working on a darker, non-sparkly fabric, it's definitely standing out more and I'm much happier with the result. It's my first exchange so I want it to be just right.
So that's no new start for me yet, no matter how much Tanglewood, Rosemarkie and that empty scroll frame calls to me. (BTW, Karen: have emailed you, hope you got it OK.)
I also got busy on the HollieStitch site today as well. I started by ordering some goodies intended as pressies but somehow three charts just fell in the basket as well........... isn't it weird how that just happens? ;0) I couldn't resist Pelin Tezer's Labyrinth and Romance and the Wal d' Champs Arabesque designs. I have plans to make Arabesque into a 25th Wedding Anniversary piece for DH and I - we've got two years to go, so there should be plenty of time to plan and stitch it (she says, tongue in cheek). As for the PT charts - I just love her monochrome pieces and had to add these to my collection.
As for that stash wagon, well all I can say is: what wagon? ROFL.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering: the Chocolate Button cake is very nice. LOL :0)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A Happy Birthday Day

It's a Happy Birthday for my DS Matthew - he's 22 years old today. Where has all the time gone? Nope....... not going to think about that one, it gets too depressing. ;0) I was going to post a baby pic of him but they're all packed away in the loft at the moment, so he'll be glad that's saved him the embarrassment. LOL
I asked DH to get a small cake on his way home tonight, as it's become a bit of a tradition that we have one of those Cadbury's Chocolate Gateau cakes with a candle on the top. Only DH couldn't find one so guess what he's brought home instead: a rather large (11" x 7") Cadbury Buttons cake. DH is diabetic so can only have a small piece........... guess me and DS will be having an awful lot of cake for the rest of the week, unless I can get him to take some round to his friends or something. Hhhhmmm - maybe not. :0)

It felt like it was my birthday today too, as the Carrie's threads arrived this morning. Here are the threads (Twinkle and Blueberry Pie) and fabric (Pol's Sky High) I'm using for the Long Dog Sampler Rosemarkie piece.

The Blueberry Pie thread has come out very dark but it's actually a really lush mix of purples with a hint of blue. I owe Jayne a big thank you for suggesting the thread colours - they're gorgeous and it's going to be a real pleasureto stitch this.
The other pic is of the Carrie's Tanglewood pack with the fabric I'll be using: Pol's Heirloom 32ct Belfast linen, another of Jayne's suggestions. Now all I've got to do is decide which goes on the frame. Karen: I'm not sure what size frame I'd need but I'm trying not to give in and get another one. I already have on the go: HAED Mother Earth, Egyptian Tablet and Loopylou's Mistletoe (SAL piece I fell behind with) on large frames; plus Alchemy's Copper Beech, my Christmas Card exchange piece and Heirloom's Love Is You on smaller frames. I think 7 pieces will be enough to keep me busy and out of mischief. :0)

I also had a nice parcel from Jenny, a fellow member of the Stitch'n'Stash Forum, that had the 4 hand knitted cravat style scarves, in eyelash wool, I ordered from her recently. I bought 2 bright pink ones as Christmas presents for DH's nieces, a chocolate brown one as a stocking filler for my DSis and another for me, to go with my winter coat. They are great, I love mine and hope the girls and DSis will like theirs too. If you read this: thanks again Jenny. :0)

I had a surprise visit from my DBro this afternoon, as he'd been working out this way and decided to call in for a coffee and a natter on his way home. He's doing OK, looks brighter and is feeling much better in himself now he knows his health issues are being sorted out. He's looking forward to having a couple of weekends away with his family, as they're taking their tourer to Chatsworth for the final sessions of the year. Bbbbbrrrrrr, they're hardier souls than us, as ours has already been bedded down for the winter.

BTW, I did stitch on ET last night (just in case Mr Stick was limbering up) but I want to do more tonight so won't post a pic until tomorrow.

Well I'd better go and hunt out some cake candles ready for DS getting back from the theatre.

Thanks to all for taking the time to visit and for the kind comments. :0)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Birthday Card Blitz

Stitching on the Christmas card for the exchange is coming on, as I made it a priority last night. Have to say that I'm disappointed with it as the material I chose, although pretty and sparkly, is too light and the design isn't standing out as it should. I shall complete it but won't be sending it and will just have to stitch it again on a darker material. Oh well, you live and learn. >sigh<>No, not the H word, I did some of that yesterday - I meant the fun stuff.

Today is UFO Tuesday so guess what I'll be doing later? Eheheh. :0) Will post an update later in the week. Meantime it suddenly dawned on me that it was DS's birthday tomorrow and DH's on Saturday, so I got my cardmaking goodies out and had a play this afternoon. This one is for DS: as well as having roles and doing sound and lighting with the LTC productions he also helps out with set building, so I came up with this theme. This one is for DH. He enjoys an occasional tipple of the amber nectar, so I made an appropriate card. ;0)
The scanner has done it's usual trick and made these look quite flat - they are more dimensional, as I've used 3-D embellishments and dome stickers, and they also sparkle much more IRL. I should make a start on my Christmas cards soon........... but am not in the mood just now and have too many other things I need to get done first.

Jayne rang me today: her Carrie's thread order has arrived which means the threads for Tanglewood and Rosemarkie will be on their way to me shortly. WhoooooHoooo! One problem though: I only have one scroll frame available for use, so which do I start first? Decisions, decisions!

DS went to a rehearsal last night and found out that he now has two songs to sing in the panto. He was not a happy bunny, as singing isn't his strong point, but realises he doesn't have much choice. It should be easy enough to learn though: it's Abba's Take a Chance. Roll on performance week is all I can say, am so looking forward to it. :0)

As for the hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression Julie: I've always fancied trying this but there's a niggle I have about it and that's what if I find out I was a Nazi Death Camp guard, or something equally appalling, in a previous life? I asked the therapist that question and she said you have to ask yourself what lessons did you learn from that life and realise that you don't have to repeat the same mistakes or ever do anything like that again. Fair enough, but you still have to live with knowing that. As you can tell I'm split: yes, I'd like to go ahead and do this but am not sure I'm ready to deal with any possible negative experiences, so keep hesitating. My usual decisive self. >rolleyes< Watch this space.....

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Family Friday and Weekend Wanderings

No stitching done since Thursday so no updates I'm afraid. I have some good excuses though:

On Friday we had a day out visiting DH's Dad and Step-Mum over in Derbyshire. His Dad is 84 and had been poorly recently with what the GP thinks was a bacterial infection (the blood tests they did were pretty inconclusive). Poor man was knocked off his feet and stayed in bed for days and that's so not like him at all, as he's usually very active and everyone who meets him thinks he's in his 60's.......... wish I was wearing as well! LOL As we were quite concerned about him we went for a visit - pleased to say that he was looking quite well again and seems to be almost back to his old self. We had a good day, catching up with all the family news.

Saturday DS and Alex had a trip over to the Lincolnshire Showground to the final Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year. Meantime DH got on with that flippin' kitchen cupboard while I did some of the dreaded H word. That cupboard seems to be turning into another of DH's long drawn out DIY sagas: why do something in a couple of days if you can make it last for a couple of weeks? This happens with every DIY job - it's why the house still isn't completed even though we've lived here for over 22 years. If anyone knows of a good odd job man who is happy to tackle any DIY job, no matter how big or small, in my area please send him round - I have enough jobs here to give him a full-time job/income for quite some time.
Saturday night we packed a bag and went over to my DSis's to stay over. Our Aunty and Uncle from Barnsley came over for a couple of hours visit as well, so we had a good natter with them.

Sunday the three of us went to the Mind, Body and Spirit Show at the Lincolnshire Showground. I love these events: lots of alternative therapies and treatments, Pagan stalls, Tarot readings, jewellery and all kinds of other interesting and needful things. :0) We solved the "What do you want for Christmas?" problem as I spotted some nice silver/amber goodies there that DSis and DH bought for me and we bought a lovely silver, marcasite and amethyst pendant for my DSis, to go with one of Mums' rings that she wears.
We didn't have any therapies or treatments this time - it was just too busy and humming to relax to anything like that - but DSis had a lotion made up by an aromatherapist specially for her, for her swollen feet, and I bought some Australian bush essentials organic/natural creams to help with dry skin patches.
I also came away with a leaflet from a female hypnotherapist in Lincoln who does Past Life Regressions - something I have been thinking about undergoing for some time. Anyone else done this?
When we got back home later that night DS had had his bonfire and fireworks with his friends, a pre-birthday celebration - amazingly enough he had even tidied up!

An enjoyable weekend all round - hope everyone else had the same. :0)

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stash, Stash, Glorious Stash!

Big apologies to Sally and Karen: somehow I managed to delete your last comments instead of publishing them. Good job you couldn't hear what I said after that mistake........ it definitely wasn't Doh! ;0)

Today has been a great stash day with the arrival of two pink parcels. The first one opened was my monthly clubs from Jayne's Attic which was another rainbow of Carrie's Creations and a piece of Sugar Maple Fabrics called Quicksilver, a gorgeous opalescent that begs to have a snowman design stitched on it. One of the Carrie's is called Halloween which made me smile, as I think it'll go lovely with the Black Ash fabric I got earlier. I've already chosen and printed out the freebie design I want to stitch, which is called Coeur Halloween and it can be found here.

The second package contained a surprise for my exchange partner (don't think she reads my Blog but didn't want to risk spoiling the surprise, so didn't put it in the pic) and some other goodies that just happened to fall in the basket as I was ordering the gift. ;0)
There's the beautiful Scented Rose Tree Ornament chart by Polstitches - now who could resist it? Then a piece of Pol's Pearl fabric that I wanted to try and a skein of Camphor Laurel Kaalund Silk yarn to add to my collection. Not a bad haul.

Tuesday night was UFO Night and I didn't manage to do any stitching then but made up for it last night and got on with the background area from the point of the collar downwards. This is where I got to:

Tonight I made a start on the stitched card for the Christmas exchange and will concentrate on that the next day or so. It will need some concentration too, as I'm stitching it 2 over 1 on 27ct opalescent - hope my eyes cope OK.

As for other stuff: I had a chat with my DBro yesterday. He's had the camera procedure done and it turned out they decided to have a looksee both ends. DBro told them he hoped they were doing his throat first, which had the team laughing and assuring him they used different cameras for each procedure (he is so like our Dad, a chip off the old block). The upshot of this is that they found some scarring, redness and possible infection in his duodenum? (where the stomach meets the bowel) and his stomach acid is too strong. They took a scrape to send for testing and he goes for the results next Friday. Meantime he's on a course of anti-biotics and antacids which they feel should sort out his problems. BIG relief all round. :0)

DH and I have had a couple of garden tidying sessions in the last couple of days. The lawn has had what should be the final cut of the year and DH gave the mower a good clean off and oiling before putting it away. The kitchen shelf is just about done but the cupboard needs another coat of paint, or so I've been told, so I won't be having that sort out and putting things back just yet.

DS's rehearsals for the panto are going OK and he's learning his lines well. He recently bought himself a replica of Frodo's sword Sting (LOTR) from that well known auction site and the panto Prince is going to borrow it to wear on stage. It should look pretty impressive - I'll find out when we go to see the panto.

Thanks again to all who take the time to visit - hope you're all having a good week.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Weekend Update and More......

I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet, I just haven't had much time to myself for Blogging these last few days. Time for a catch up on news now........ so I recommend making yourself a cup of tea/coffee and putting your feet up before starting. ;0)

Saturday DH got on with the shelf for the kitchen cupboard while I pottered with house and garden jobs plus keeping him well supplied with copious cups of tea.
I also got out all of my DMC threads and found all the ones needed to stitch the Christmas card for the exchange I'm in - that's a first, as usually I need to buy at least 1 skein for a new project.
Seeing the disorganisation of the 3 separate bags (a mix of whole and partial skeins), 3 floss boxes (2 of which are only partially filled) and the bag of empty plastic bobbins waiting to be filled gave me a guilt trip. Sorting this little lot is a job I've threatened to get around to many, many times and haven't. So I made a start Saturday night, instead of stitching.

Sunday we went over to my DSis's in Doncaster. We had dinner out, then visited the Crem to see our Mum and Dad's new memorial plaque on the monument and lay flowers for them. The plaque is lovely - they would be proud. :0)
We went for a drive round afterwards and ended up at Bawtry Caravans. We got a few bits we needed for our tourer but spent most of the time in the gift shop and cafe. DSis bought a lovely little angel ornament to tie in the branches of the blue spruce tree that is close to where our parents ashes are at the Crem - we'll do that on our next visit.
DH and I couldn't resist a decorative filigree metal fire screen that has small hoops attached to the back that hold glass tealight holders - it looks lovely on our hearth and it can be "dressed" with ornaments for the festive season.
In the evening we went to the memorial service for Dad and all those who had passed away this last year in the parish of St Peter's Church. It was well attended and we realised why when all the names were read out: we couldn't believe how many there were.
We all had the opportunity to go to the front and leave a lighted candle, in memory of our loved ones, on the marble steps in front of the altar area. When we were seated again they switched most of the lights off for a few minutes silence and the effect of all those little tealights plus the pillar candles on the altar was lovely, almost magical. I found it moving but not upsetting and was glad we'd attended.
Many thanks for the kind thoughts over this, they were much appreciated and did help. :0)

DH has got this week off as a holiday. We had originally planned to go away but decided against it, as it's an ideal opportunity for us to get some of the outstanding DIY jobs done that got backed up while he was so busy at work over the summer.
Monday he continued with the shelf while I did my usual house jobs, ready for Alex's regular Monday visit, as well as keeping the cuppas flowing. BTW, what is it with men, DIY jobs and tea? Is tea to men what oil is to a car: forget to put it in and the whole thing seizes up? LOL
No stitching on Monday night but I did do some more thread winding and sorting. That goes well until I get a knot in it *@!!#**!....... I told DH that's why it's called cross stitch. ;0)

Tuesday got off to a good start with a pink parcel containing the Sassy's Black Ash fabric bargain from Jayne that I got for some Halloween ornament stitching for next year.
We decided to go out and about today, so went to the Kirton Lindsey garden centre for dinner (their tuna cheese melt baguettes are yummy!). We had a look round afterwards and came away with a heavy duty garden sack, a bag full of ordinary tea lights and two boxes of scented ones, a couple of Christmas gifts (for MIL and FIL) and a small birthday gift for DS........ I call that a good haul. We didn't find what we'd actually gone looking for: a decorative but useful bird bath for the garden, so we set off to Brigg garden centre.
No luck there either, despite there being lots more choice, but we did get: a nice decorative wall pot for the front of the house and a beautiful deep red cyclamen plant to go in it; a mini scrapbook wedding kit, and a couple of pocket tags to go with, which I'll make up for DS's friends who married last month; I treated myself to a book (Witch Child by Celia Rees) and a Heritage cross stitch kit called Night Watchman - I love owls and at a tenner off it was a real bargain. ;0)
Part of today's haul:

I shall, hopefully, do a UFO Night update and have a catch up day with everyone's Blogs tomorrow (Wednesday).
DH plans to get the shelf finished - hope so, because we'll then be able to sort out all the stuff we took out of there, Freecycle what we don't want/need any more, and re-organise what's left as it's put back......... there's something very satisfying about getting things like this sorted then crossing that job off the list. :0)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Funny Friday

I failed to make a start on the hardanger SAL last night, though it wasn't for lack of trying. For smaller projects I like to use Siesta bar frames and have quite a few different lengths to mix and match, as appropriate, for each project. I thought I had two lots of 5" bars but haven't and didn't have anything else suitable for holding the fabric taut while I stitch......... guess that'll mean having a bit of a shop on the SewandSo website then. It'll be hard work but I'll force myself to do it. LOL ;0)

My DBro was working out this way today so popped in for a coffee and a natter. He brought the forms we need to sign for registering Dad's house with the Land Registry and signing it over to our DSis. This is just part of the legal things we've had to do since Dad passed away but it's the last one and it's on the final stretch now - once these forms are back with the solicitor and she's done her bit the house will legally become DSis's. It'll be a relief when it's done and it'll also mean that DSis will then feel she can go ahead with some of the plans she has.
DBro also confirmed that his tests came back fine and there was no sign of any cancer markers in his blood - I felt like having a party when he said that. :0) He still has to go for the camera procedure (I thought he'd already had it but it was the scan he had done) because the other results haven't explained a couple of his ongoing symptoms - the GP wants to make sure he hasn't got a blockage anywhere that might be causing them. At least he's being very thorough.

I'm not sure what the plans are for tomorrow but Sunday we're visiting DSis and going to the Crem and the memorial service, so I'll have a catch-up session with blogs next week.

Hope you all have a good weekend and here's a little something to start it with a smile, courtesy of the local Entertainment magazine:


Class 1: How to Fill Up the Ice Cube Trays.
Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday & Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00pm.

Class 2: The Toilet Paper Roll. Does It Change Itself?
Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturdays 12:00 for 2 hours.

Class 3: Is It Possible to Urinate Using the Technique of Lifting the Seat and Avoiding the Floor/Walls and Nearby Bathtub?
Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturdays 10:00pm for 2 hours.

Class 4: Fundamental Differences Between the Laundry Basket and the Floor.
Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturdays at 2:00pm for 3 weeks.

Class 5: After Dinner Dishes. Can They Levitate and Fly Into the Kitchen Sink?
Examples on Video. Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday & Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00pm.

Class 6: Loss of Identity - Losing the Remote to Your Significant Other.
Help Line Support and Support Groups. Meets 4 weeks, Friday & Sunday 7:00pm.

Class 7: Learning How to Find Things - Starting with looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming.
Open Forum. Monday at 8:00pm, 2 hours.

Class 8: Health Watch - Bringing her flowers is not harmful to her health.
Graphics and Audio Tapes. Three nights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00pm for 2 hours.

Class 9: Real Men Ask for Directions When Lost.
Real Life Testimonials. Tuesdays at 6:00pm, location to be determined.

Class 10: Is it genetically impossible to sit quietly while she parallel parks?
Driving Simulations. 4 weeks, Saturdays at noon, 2 hours.

Class 11: Learning to Live - Basic Differences Between Mother & Wife.
Online Classes and role-playing. Location and times to be announced.

Class 12: How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion. Relaxation Exercises, Meditation & Breathing Techniques.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours, beginning at 7:00pm.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Belated UFO Night Update

I stitched again on Tuesday UFO Night but, as it was Samhain, left posting until today. Egyptian Tablet is really showing the benefits of all this added attention as I've finally finished the jewelled collar section, and get to move on to the background next. Despite that being all dull colours I'm actually looking forward to it, as much of it is in half cross stitch which means it tends to grow quickly.
This week I also received another small pink parcel which contained the materials pack for the Stitch'n'Stash beginners hardanger SAL. The threads Jayne sent are a lovely coppery colour - so me - and the SAL begins today, so I think I will probably stitch that tonight. Thanks to previous SALs on there, making a hardanger bookmark and Christmas Trees, I'm not a beginner at this anymore but I do enjoy joining in as they are a lot of fun.
I'd better fess up as well: Jayne was having a clear out of some hand dyed fabric at a bargain price and I succumbed and ordered a piece. I couldn't help it as there was a lovely piece called Black Ash, just perfect for Halloween designs, and it just kept shouting "Buy me! Buy me!" ........ I never was one to resist a bargain, so I did. So, OK, it's too late for this year but I'm definitely prepared for next year now, aren't I? ;0) LOL
So how many trick or treaters knocked at your door last night? We had four lots, a total of nine children, and most of those were escorted by much older siblings/parents and they'd made a real effort to dress up. It was a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and, as they were also very polite, it was fun doling out the goodies to them all.
Many thanks for all the lovely comments about my parents photo, you are very kind folk.