Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wednesday's Wafflings

We had a nice meal out last night and sat in the pub nattering for a while afterwards, then decided to pop to Tesco to do a bit of shopping (it was just across the road). By the time we'd finished in there, driven home and put the bits of shopping away it was around 10pm and I was too tired for stitching, as planned, by then. So I was a bad lass and didn't stitch on ET but - before Mr Stick starts jumping up and down - I shall be making up for that today instead. :0)

As there's no update pic to show today thought I'd share pics of the other two charts that were in yesterday's Thread Bear package instead. I love the Irish Blessing on this - wouldn't it make a lovely New Home gift? This one was so cute and it'll make a brilliant Oestre picture, as well as being adaptable for a sweet New Baby picture for my bunny loving neighbours...... who just happen to be expecting their third baby in July (which I didn't know when I ordered this):
This uses GAST threads (or DMC). I don't have any GAST but, thanks to Jayne's Monthly Club, I do now have a respectable collection of Carrie's Creations, so does anyone know if there's a conversion list available somewhere online, please? TIA. :0)

DH has booked Thursday and Friday off work, in an effort to use up some of the time-in-lieu he built up over the summer/autumn - although so many men on that same project are now owed so much time off it's been decided some of the over-time worked will now be paid in actual money instead. We won't get excited though - by the time the tax man has done there won't be much left over! Not sure what the plans are yet but am hoping we'll get a few DIY jobs done in the house...... there's plenty on the list to choose from!

Nicola: the Dentist knows how I feel about going, so he puts me under sedation when the main work is done. He wasn't very careful last time though, as I woke up part way through treatment - it hasn't helped at all and why I got so wound up this time. :0( Maybe I should try the approach I once saw in a film on TV: grab him by a certain part of his anatomy while looking him straight in the eye and growling menacingly: Now, we're not going to hurt each other, are we? Seemed to work well in the film, anyway. ROFLMAO.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the Memories piece - all credit to Jayne, her instructions are very clear and the design is such a treat to stitch.

Now I'm off to do that belated UFO Night stitching on ET before Julie sics Mr Stick on to me. ;0)

Hope all is good with you and that life is treating you well. :0)


Julie said...

2 more nice charts.

Mr Stick is huffing and puffing here ... no stitching on a Tuesday... he'll be waiting for progress pics, you've nearly done this, don't flag now LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely charts Karan. I haven't read your post about the dentist and I'm not sure I want to now as I'm such a wuss and usually end up crying in the chair lol.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your night out! Hope mr stick goes easy on you LOL

Can you send your DH to mine to do some DIY please :) Andy has zero time and I am soon gonna have zero patience LOL

Mylene said...

Hi karan, thanks so much for the well wishes. Feel much better today.
I do love that Irish blessing's chart you have. Can't wait to see your progress with it.