Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Mini Happy Dance......

as I finished Part 1 of the Memories SAL last night. Yay! Got to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed stitching this and can't wait for the next part. The fabric and threads are lovely to use and everything about it works so well. I also got my Thread Bear order this morning but, from the looks of the packaging, RM have been less than gentle with it. >:0( Luckily the contents were wrapped in tissue (and very prettily bound with a piece of gold ribbon), so the charts were protected from the tears the envelope received. Obviously RM haven't realised yet that stash packages are extra special and should be treated as precious objects and only handled by the gentlest of postal workers, preferably whilst wearing protective gloves. Yeah, right - and that squadron of flying pigs has just gone past again. LOL.
I've now got enough plastic floss bobbins to keep me busy winding my DMC threads for some time and here's two of the charts I got:
I'm a sucker for a cute snowman and the LHN designs are irresistible, so how could I not buy them? It would take someone with waaay more willpower than me! ;0)

Glad to say I'm feeling much better now. Had a quiet but enjoyable day at my DSis's on Sunday. On Monday I managed to do all of my usual house jobs without getting overly breathless (though deliberately paced myself) and had a good natter with my friend Alex in the late afternoon.

Today we've had the dreaded trip back to the Dentist to have our temporary crowns taken off and the proper ones fitted. I nearly burst into tears when I saw the chair and had to make myself sit in it, doing breathing techniques while he was doing the work. When he'd done my legs were shaking so much I couldn't make it back to the waiting room, so had to sit in an ordinary chair in the treatment room while DH had his crown fitted. Needless to say, I didn't look but kept on with the breathing techniques until we could both leave. I was annoyed with myself afterwards for not saying anything about the last visit but just knew if I did I'd have made a total pratt of myself by bursting into tears. Guess what: I won't be going back there for a looooooong time, if ever.

Afterwards DH took us to the nearby garden centre for a warm drink, to give us both chance to settle down, which was a good idea. I settled down even more after he dropped me off at home because, with the weather being fine, I was able to spend a good twenty minutes or so pottering about doing jobs in the garden - always a calming influence and good for the soul. :0)

He also suggested we treat ourselves to a meal out in a local pub tonight, so that's what we'll be doing later. Don't worry Julie & Mr Stick, I haven't forgotten it's UFO Night. ;0)

Many thanks for all the lovely comments about Eliza's Pyn Pillow and the well wishes, they're greatly appreciated. Hope you're all having a good week. :0)


Mylene said...

Memories SAL is looking beautiful, Karan.

Claire said...

Its always great to treat ourselves to new stash! Love your choices.


Stitchingranny said...

Must be something in the air as I bought a load of plastic bobbins and spent time winding a lot of floss on while chatting to mum yesterday.

I love the winter whites chart.

Glad you are feeling so much better

Christine said...

Your "Memories" is looking wonderful Karan

Julie said...

WTG on the SAL it looks stunning. Nice new charts too. Enjoy your meal, Mr Stick will be watching out for your update on ET later this week then LOL. Glad your feeling better and i wont even mention the 'D' word!!!

Sally said...

Memories is incredibly pretty Karan. Can't wait to see more of it!

Oooh I see All is Calm there!! I've got that one! It's really cute isn't it!

Nicola said...

Memeories looks lovely Karan, vvery pretty colours. Look forward to seeing the next installment. Great stash too, especially the LHN chart, trouble is every time I see these charts I'm soooooo tempted. BUT I'm going to be good as I REALLY DON'T NEED ANY MORE.

Maybe you should tell the dentist how you feel, he might be able to help you over your fears if he knew.