Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Update Time

Another UFO Night has been and gone so it's time for another update pic. This is the progress made: That's all of the light grey half cross stitch background bit fully completed and a start made on infilling the patterned areas. I had planned on having another session on this today but have realised, since going on the Stitch'n'Stash Forum this afternoon, that it's the start of Jayne's Memories SAL tonight......... so guess what I will be doing instead! LOL

Earlier in the week I'd had a good look at the fabric for the Memories SAL. I'd opted for the Pol's Heirloom evenweave but when I got a piece of the Heirloom linen (for the latest L*K designs) and compared the two I was a bit taken aback at the difference and soon wished I'd gone for the linen choice that Jayne's original piece was stitched on. A phone call from Jayne later and a piece of the linen was on it's way and arrived yesterday. Note to self: when the designer of a piece clearly states that there's a difference between the fabric used and the alternative and said alternative will give a different look to the finished piece - don't go for the alternative! >rolleyes< Now all set to go with the linen and the evenweave has gone in my stash - it will come in useful for another project somewhere down the line.

I still haven't sorted the fabric for Carol's Amanda SAL but there's still time to get around to doing that - a Forum member called Kathy from the US is very kindly keeping a countdown that gives us all a reminder of how long there is left to get organised. :0)

There's a delay on receiving the Ozark Mystery SAL, which Jayne has kept us informed about, but that won't be starting for a while yet - there's a spare frame ready and waiting to go, so I don't need to do anything else until it's arrived.

The Challenge piece is proving to be that: the 1 over 1 stitching is playing havoc with my eyes. I've got the border and lettering up to T completed so far. One magnifier/light combi desperately needed now, so am going to step up the research for that. Someone did tell me there was a place in Grimsby that sells all kind of hobbyist lighting which is generally at a cheaper cost than you pay in specialist stitching shops.......... only I didn't write it down at the time and now can't remember for the life of me what it's called or whereabouts it is. If I could we'd be having a trip over there on Saturday. Meantime, I've still got a scroll frame going spare, the one that Karen very kindly sent, and Tanglewood and Rosemarkie waiting in the wings. To make another new start, or not to make another new start - that is the question. What do you all reckon? LOL

DH did some more work on the Mini last night. He muttered something about "rubber boot" and "nipping up" when I asked what he was doing. Any ideas what he was on about? Nah, me neither. It involved setting up a light (so he could see) and taking a wheel off and banging about for a bit, then it all went quiet but he was still beavering away out there. The outcome: he got wet and cold for a second time this week but didn't moan (so he must have enjoyed himself again) and the Mini is back on the road again. It must be OK because he and DS gave it a run out to Tesco and back afterwards - with a bit of shopping done while they were down there - and nothing fell off. DS has been to work and back in it today and it's still OK and they're muttering something about MOT and re-test, so it must be sorted. As you can tell cars innards don't mean a lot to me. All that concerns me about them is: if it's got four wheels attached at the four corners, you put fuel in it, switch it on and it goes it'll do fine, thank you. ;0)

One of the results of the Tesco trip was a partly filleted duck which is currently in the oven and roasting. As it and the veggies are just about done I am now off to go serve up and eat it.

Hope that no one is suffering from the horrible flooding due to the bad weather and that you're all having a good day/week so far. :0)


Karen said...

Yum duck
wow your ufo is coming along so well
Hope you get a light and maginifer soon I use mine alot right now as most of my work seems to be over 1 lol

Julie said...

'Rubber boot' (better know as a wishbone bush, i think) and would have been perished and the lubricant escaping, thats a common MOT failure item LOL guess who does the invoices for DH's business!!!!

ET looks fab, soon be all done

Mylene said...

Update is going great, Karan.

Stitchingranny said...

You are making brilliant progress on ET I am sure it must be nearing an HD.

Cars, tin boxes on wheels, thats as far as it goes with me and as long as they get me from A to B in one piece Im happy lol. My DS despairs of me, when asked what car i would have if i won the lottery I said a small blue one with central locking and electric windows. I hadnt got a clue what "make" and didnt even care.

Sally said...

ET is looking good Karan!

Mmm all this rain makes me think we should build an ark! The ducks are no longer swimming on the dyke that runs from the mere to the sea! They're swimming in the fields!