Friday, 11 January 2008

First 2008 UFO Update & More

UFO Night began again this Tuesday but, thanks to a dental appointment involving treatment under sedation, I couldn't stitch then, so did a little on Monday and Wednesday nights instead to make up for it. Here's the progress made:

More work along the bottom section and a little on the far right too - growing slowly but surely. I didn't pick it up at all over the festive season as I concentrated on my HAED Mother Earth piece instead, managing to complete between a third to a half of a page of stitching: no pic yet, as I'd really like to complete the whole page before posting an update.

I received some lovely pink parcels from Jayne this week. One had my regular Monthly Club rainbow of Carrie's threads, another had the new Carrie's colours, which are rather nice, and a third contained the goodies for Jayne's Memories SAL piece:

I thought the colours were rather nice when I saw the design on the Forum but they're even better IRL. The SAL starts soon (16th?) and I can't wait - with these lovely colours it'll be a real pleasure to stitch this piece.

So, what else have I been up to? Well, the Land Registry has finally completed the registration on Dad's house and transferred the Deeds to my DSis, so that's the end of what has been a rather stressful and long-winded set of legal processes we've had to go through since my Dad passed away last April. It's a relief to know it's finally over and that everything has been done as Dad wanted it. My DSis has her independence and can now go ahead with her plans for the future.

The kitchen cupboard still hasn't been completed, so no fireworks yet......... except for the ruddy great rocket that will be needed to motivate DH! ;0) Although he did finally get round to tackling the loose/dodgy floorboards in the back room downstairs (currently my computer and storage room which may well become the intended dining room one day - she says, fingers and everything else crossed). Mind you, after I tripped over an uneven slab and had a fall in the front garden last week and going off on one about that (when I'd recovered from the shock and treated the scrapes - he's been promising we'd have that resurfaced for the last four/five years at least) I almost fell again when the dodgy floorboards cockled under me just a few days later - so he didn't get much option about sorting them. It's only taken a few years for him to get round to doing them. >rolleyes<

I was honoured to have been nominated for the Stitch'n'Stash/Attic UFO Night Stitcher of the Year 2007 and absolutely gobsmacked when Julie told me I'd received the most votes! A BIG thank you once again to those who took the time to vote, to Jayne (without her there'd be no forum) and to Julie & Mr Stick, who's dedication keeps so many stitchers noses to the grindstone each Tuesday night. :0) I received a lovely surprise package in the post: a card, a certificate, the UFO Night Cup (which I will stitch a piece to put in and have earmarked for my friends little girl, who is starting to use big cups), some Fererro Rocher (now long gone LOL), a bunch of artificial roses and a Mr Stick calendar. The calendar has LS Lowry pics and Mr Stick made Julie mark every single UFO Night, just so I won't miss them - that made me laugh. ROFL. UFO Nights in 2008 are going to be really busy for Mr Stick: the regulars are there and lots more stitchers have joined us, so there are plenty of folks for him to wave his stick at. :0) There's such a different range of UFO's - I shall enjoy wayching them all develop each week.

It's Sleeping Beauty Panto week this week and DS has been coming home each night buzzing from the performance. It's had a good write up in the local paper. DH and I went to see it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it: lots of shouting "It's over there", Boo'ing the bad witch and cheering the good Fairy etc etc and singing along to Daisy, Daisy at the end when Daisy the Cook (Panto Dame) got herself a man. It was almost a Full House and there were lots of Junior School age kids in, who really got into the swing of things and gave it a good - and noisy - atmosphere. DS is obviously enjoying his role and gets the kids shouting their heads off for him. LOL. Shame we're not allowed to take pics: he has to wear tights and I'd love to have a pic of that for future use/bribery. Eheheh ;0)

The Dentist visit didn't go well. Let's just say that, when I go back to have the crown fitted, I shall be letting him know I don't enjoy coming round from the sedation mid-way through treatment and that I remember everything that was said and done and am not happy about it. >:-( Another outcome of that visit was finding out my blood pressure was on the high side, borderline on being refused sedation, and he recommended I go see my GP for a check-up. Great: dentist and GP in the same month - oh, joy of joys! Hope it's just a blip but I guess this last year or so has taken its toll plus various family members on Dad's side of the family, including him, had or do have high blood pressure, so it's best to be safe. As my DSis says: most families leave nice things like heirloom paintings and pottery and lots of money and suchlike for family members when they go - ours leaves more of those manky family genes. ROFL.

I shall just have to see if I can get stash on the NHS, rather than meds, as stitching has been proved to have a beneficial effect on such conditions. Do you think they'd go for it? :0)


Julie said...

ET looks fab, 2 nights stitching, are you trying for Stitcher of the Year 2008!!! LOL

Sorry your visit to the dentist didn't go to well, maybe your BP was just the nervousness of that, by better to be safe and get it checked out

I would have loved to see your DS in the tights ROFLMAO !!!!

{{big hugs}}

jane said...

Sounds like you had a really bad time at the dentist. About the blood pressure - mine was borderline high for ages,almost at the point of needing medication but since I started stitching it has returned to normal.... don't know if it really works but I believe it does

Karen said...

LOL stash on the NSH nope sorry been there tried that lol even working for the NHS you don't get stash. Hope there wasn't any water pipes under the floorboards, when DH sorted some out here he found sharp screws and power screw drivers make easy work of pipes lol glad to see you back posting.
well done on your win

Lynn said...

good work on ET Karan keep it up :)

So sorry about your dental visit, it's one of the most stressful things, so no wonder your BP was up!

I'm another on on the SAL and the colours are so pretty aren't they?

Sally said...

Nice progress Karan! Well done on your stitcher of the year win. I'm not taking part this year although I only did for a while last year!

Sorry your trip to the dentist didn't go well. That would have freaked me out and I wouldn't have been happy about it either. Hopefully your BP will just be due to a dentist visit but you are right to get it checked.