Monday, 21 January 2008

Monday - Memories

Well, despite the miserable weather and yukky cold, the weekend wasn't too bad - a chill out with some stitching was a good prescription and I highly recommend it to anyone else who is feeling a bit off. :0) Here's where I got to on the Memories SAL: Isn't that just so pretty? The leaf stitch was a bit tricky at first but that was entirely my own fault, as I kept getting distracted by the Alien V Predator film (bit gorey but I love it when a strong female character gets into kick ass mode - I so wanna be like her! LOL). Am enjoying working on the Pol's Linen and am glad I chose this fabric for the latest L*K designs........ think they'll be high on the list of New Starts for this year (and I haven't done last years yet!).
Hopefully I'll be able to carry on with this tonight.

DH had a trip out to Screwfix yesterday afternoon and was in seventh heaven afterwards. Not only did he come back with the bits he was getting for my DSis but he also got a new drill and circular saw for himself, so that's his birthday and Christmas money all spent. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting everything out of it's boxes, checking it out by giving them a whirr or two and reading up on the instruction booklets. When DS got back there was a bit of a Show & Tell session. When I pointed out that they were behaving just like a stashaholic (naming no names) who has just opened a package from their favourite online store they just looked blank and couldn't equate the two. LOL

DS obviously needed a chill out after his day out and all the Ooh'ing and Aaah'ing over the Man Toys so when the Alien movie finished he put the Over the Hedge DVD on - one of those animated crittur movies from DreamWorks. Finally had to stop stitching when that was on as I was laughing too much to concentrate. I love the demented squirrel character called Hammy: imagine a talking squirrel on a severe caffeine hype and speed and you'll get the general idea. LOL. It was a good way to round off the weekend. :0)

Alex is due for her regular Monday visit soon, so I've got some of the dreaded H'word out of the way. Going at a much slower pace to usual, due to the regular nose-blowing stops. Having tried out a couple of different types of tissues I can tell you that, whilst the anti-viral properties of a certain type of tissue may be a good idea, they are next to useless in the absorbency department. On the other hand a well-known brand of so-called Men's Tissues may not have any anti-viral or nose soothing properties but are excellent for copious nose blowing absorbency. The rate this household is getting through them at the moment (DS has it too and the third empty box in a week has just gone into the recycling bin) I just wish we had shares in the company! LOL

The parcel from Thread Bear hasn't arrived yet. :0( I suppose the ongoing delays in the postal system and flooding have added a delay factor in. Fingers crossed it arrives soon, as I could really do with the scroll bars, as the ones I'm using for Memories are barely wide enough........ plus I'm desperate to get my hot little hands on the charts that just happened to fall into the basket as I was ordering the bars. ;0)

Thanks for stopping by - hope you've all had a good weekend and that the weeks has got off to a good start for you all. :0)


Julie said...

LOL i've seen Over the Hedge, it's good!!

Memories looks super, well done

Hope you and DS feel better soon

Karen said...

I love the over the hedge movie mind you I love anything like that lol.
pity your post hasn't arrived, your Memories start looks great

Stitchingranny said...

Oh poor Karan you still sound under the weather and I have been sending lots of healing hugs your way.

I havent seen over the hedge yet but might have to watch it now lol.

Your stitching looks lovely and I shall look forward to the update piccies.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Love your Memories start. This is a lovely piece. I'm sure you will enjoy stitching it

Sally said...

Memories is looking gorgeous Karan.

Well it's dry here ( shush!) today but how long for I don't know.

Over the Hedeg is brilliant isn't it? You just can't help but laugh at it!

Hope your Thread Bear order turns up soon and that you're feleing better soon.