Sunday, 20 January 2008


Yes, I finally managed to finish both the stitching on the Monthly Challenge piece and make a start on the Memories SAL yesterday. Whooohooo! The snuggle under the fleecy blanket warmed my bones through and I suddenly felt like getting on with some stitching.
Glad this cold has helped me be more productive in areas other than the one that is producing a mountain of snotty tissues that I seem to be slowly disappearing under at the minute! >rolleyes<
No pics of those yet as I can't show the Challenge piece until the 26th and still need to do the finishing now anyway and there's not enough of the SAL done to make it worthwhile posting a pic yet - but if I get enough done today will post one tomorrow. I really like the colours of the SAL and am so glad I changed my mind about the fabric - the linen colour is better and it's lovely to work on.

I enjoyed the cheesey film I watched yesterday too. It was one of those cheap budget disaster "We're all gonna die!" type things that seem to be one of many that's on at the moment (wonder if they're hinting at something we don't know about? LOL). Totally untaxing on the brain - just what was needed. A little more culture was developed in the evening as we watched the first two parts of Sense and Sensibility on BBC 4......... now I do love a good costume drama from the Beeb and DH loves the excuse for a snooze! LOL Enjoyed it but Sorry: once you've seen Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy it rather spoils you - no other fella looks as good in breeches. ;0)

Speaking of culture: DS is now getting involved in a production of Canterbury Tales (modern version, I think, judging by the book he's brough home). This time he's going to be backstage as Stage Manager and it will be very good experience for him, as they are hiring a professional Director.

Right, can't think of anything else to waffle about and my comfy armchair and the Memories SAL is calling.

Thanks for all the kind comments - cold is grotty but it is only a cold and I should be feeling like my old self again in a day or two. Take care all and (((((hugs))))) for anyone who is feeling under the weather.


Karen said...

ugh I hate the snotty tissues that go with a cold, glad you managed to get on with some stitching if you want to email me the challenge pic I can put it in the album sometime for you , the link will not be shown until the 26th
Mr Darcy hmmmmm perhaps I should go and watch some dvd's lol

Stitchingranny said...

well you certainly sound more cheerful today Karan and always a good sign when you want to pick up the stitching again. Don't know about you but I felt a real sense of achievement when i finished stiching the challenge. I still have to make it up but all that one over one took some doing.

Julie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Best place to be snuggled up nice and warm in front of the TV when you are feeling poorly