Wednesday, 23 January 2008

ET Go Home!

This particular ET (Egyptian Tablet) anyway because the end is in sight (cross stitch side of things, at least) and I'm fast approaching the "I'll be glad to see the back of it" stage that seems to kick in with some projects. Yes, I've enjoyed stitching the bulk of it and yes, it's going to look great when it's finished but it does seem to feel like it's taken ages to get to this point.
Anyway, here's the before: Here's where I got to after this weeks UFO Night stitching:
Today got off to a good start when the long-awaited pinkie containing the first Ozark Mystery SAL pack arrived on the doormat. It's my first ever Mystery and so far I am a very happy bunny because I love the colours and the border looks interesting. Hopefully I'll get the chance to work out the start place, mark it and get the fabric attached to the frame some time this afternoon so it'll be all ready to start when I've finished the first section of the Memories SAL. Oh, and done the final finishing on the Monthly Challenge piece, seeing as how the reveal is on Saturday. Methinks a bit more organisation is needed in this house!
Panic over re: my Thread Bear order. Got an email yesterday to let me know that the roller bars and one of the charts are currently out of stock. Arranged for the rest of the order to be sent, as it contains plastic floss bobbins that are desperately needed for my thread organisation drive - the other bits will follow when they arrive in stock. Must say the lady who emailed me seemed very nice. It also confirms what Jayne once said about me seeming to have this knack for ordering certain goodies that have just been sold out. LOL
Whilst a cold front seems to be moving across this area at the moment (it's getting bitter out again) the one that's been affecting me since Friday seems to be finally clearing off. Yay! Snotty nose has virtually gone, so I can breathe and eat at the same time without risk of choking on crumbs, glands no longer feel like they want to burst and I can taste/smell things again. Double Yay! I've celebrated by sorting out the clothes in the tumble dryer and setting off another load of washing. ;0) Thanks for all your well wishes, they've been very much appreciated. :0)
Sorry about the lines across the page: for some reason I can't get any paragraph breaks, even when I've hit the return key a couple of times. This seemed to be the quickest solution.
Thanks again for stopping by - hope you're all having a good stitchy week. :0)


Karen said...

LOL Karan it must be the name as Jayne is always saying then I order things I pick things that are out of stock
with the paragraph breaks sometimes you have to go into edit and then add them , guess there is a glitch somewhere
your UFO looks great

Anonymous said...

ET is looking fab!

Glad your feeling a bit better now :)

Julie said...

woohoo!!! Et is nearly done ... do you have any other UFO's LOL

I ordered from Thread Bear and the lady was fab, i had to ring her about something and she sounded a nice person too, hope it doesn't take too long to come

Glad you are feeling better

Stitchingranny said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better Karan and hope it wont be long till you are 100% again.

I used Thread-bear to order some charts just before my hols last year. I ordered 4 charts and 2 were out of stock. First they emailed to inform me and ask which option I preferred - I told them no rush just wait until it was all there. They then emailed to let me know one of missing charts had arrived and again to let me know the other had arrived and they were despatching them. All in all I thought the service was very good and liked the way they kept in touch - so often you are tapping heels wondering where things are.

Sally said...

Wahooo you're well on the way to a finish with ET!! What will take his place?

It's freezing out isn't it? We've got high winds here too but at least it's dry and sunny!

Mylene said...

ET's looks great!
Glad to hear you are feeling much better now.