Friday, 25 January 2008

Memories Update

Well I managed to mark the start point corner on the Ozark fabric last night but when it came to sewing said fabric onto the scroll frame I just couldn't drum up the enthusiasm, so left it to do another time. I was in the mood for more stitching on the Memories SAL though and completed the leaf stitch row and made a start on the satin stitch in the next one. It's nice to do but found that it does need some concentration with the counting. It's going to be lovely when completed and will be one of those designs to look at and think: did I really stitch that? :0)

Only one more day to go before it's the Monthly Challenge reveal! Can you tell I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has stitched? LOL

This morning I received a pinkie with the Pol's Georgian fabric for the Amanda SAL and am very pleased with the effect - the threads and embellishments look so well on it and it's going to be another piece I shall really enjoy. A BIG thank you to Jayne for suggesting this fabric. :0)

Maybe I should have called today's post Flat Friday, as that's just how I'm feeling right now. Thanks to a combination of our next door neighbours leaving something leant again the side wall of our house and the gusty winds we've been having we had to put up with regular banging against said house wall all through last night. As that wall makes up one side of our bedroom we got the full sound effect when we went to bed, so it took me ages to get off to sleep in the first place then the rest of the night I kept being rudely woken up by the louder bangs. Today I feel like a combination of death warmed over and something the cat dragged in. Yes, I am a right grumpy old bag when I don't get a decent night's sleep! DH had a nosey and it turns out that their flippin' wheelie bins were tipped back and leaning against our house. He made sure they got shifted this morning, as he squeezed round the fence into their garden and moved them himself and it's been blissful silence ever since. :0) He'll pop round to see the neighbours tonight to tell them what he's done and why and hopefully they'll be OK and not do that again. I definitely plan on having an early night tonight....... if I don't fall asleep after my tea! LOL

Weekend plans: the first Mind, Body & Spirit event of the year is being held in Grimsby at the Auditorium. Yay! Not sure what we are up to on Saturday but we'll be going to the event on Sunday and I plan on having some alternative treatments done (such as Reiki) as I'm also still feeling a bit run-down after the cold I had. Might have my tarot cards read as well. Looking forward to it. :0)

Thanks for stopping by and, whatever your plans are for this weekend, I hope it's a good one. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

Memories is lovely Karen. Enjoy your weekend.

Karen said...

very nice stitching and so neat.
LOL I woke uo very grumpy and in a foul mood today its just gone midnight now and I think I have finally lost the plot lol
off to find a creme egg ;o)

Hope nextdoor keep the bins away from the wall

Julie said...

Memories looks stunning

Have a fab day at the fair.

Sally said...

Memories is beautiful Karan.

Hope you had a better night's sleep last night. The wind is bad enough without something banging against the wall as well.

Have a great weekend.