Saturday, 19 January 2008

Snuffly Saturday

No pic of Memories yet as I still haven't made a start! I got side-tracked on Thursday and then we went out for our meal. It's the first time DH and I have been in the restaurant (DS has been a couple of times with friends) and it was lovely: they made a big fuss of us and we were given a complimentary after dinner drink. It was lovely to sit and chat and take our time over the meal - usually DS eats and runs because he's got something on - and not have to do the washing-up after! LOL. By the time we'd walked home, via a trip into Tesco Express for a few bits, and put them away it was around 10pm. I was shattered and had an early night.

Friday I woke up feeling a bit off and sniffly which made me decide not to make a new start, as I couldn't concentrate. I continued stitching on the Monthly Challenge piece instead and made good progress: stitched all of the front, bar the heart, and made a start on a backing piece by stitching the border, which is needed if I do the finish I want to try. I've "personalised" the piece a little by stitching it all in cross stitch, instead of using tent stitch for the flowers and basketweave stitch for the basket. I'll fess up to that being accidental: I failed to read the instructions properly, due to feeling off, but like the result.......... it's also that fine it would be a right royal pain to frog so it's being left well alone!

By bedtime last night I'd got a full-on cold. Result: lousy night and am feeling right out-of-sorts with myself today. Snuggling up under the fleecy blanket while watching old films on TV is about as energetic as it's going to get today. :0(

The package from Thread Bear hasn't arrived yet. One of the items I ordered was a new set of longer length no-stitch roller bars - the sort that have three plastic "clips" each side to secure fabric to the bar - as I wanted to use them so I could chop and change between projects on that particular frame without too much hassle. Had hoped to be sorted for the weekend but it looks like RM are on a go-slow - hope it turns up Monday.

Thanks for the link Dawn, that worked a treat. Not ordered the cream yet but I will be doing some time next week. :0)

Julie: I can't remember who's blog the Thread Bear link was on - if DH spots it on the CC statement I'm blaming everybody. ;0) Mini's are a great first car to learn to drive in: proper "seat of your pants" stuff and so much fun! Hope your DD's test went well.

Well that fleecy blanket is calling, so I'm off. Thanks for stopping by, and for all the nice comments about Mother Earth - hope you all have a good weekend. :0)


jane said...

Hope you feel better soon Karan!

Stitchingranny said...

Hope you are feeling lots better Karan and will be fit to stitch at least some of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome karan - glad it worked for you :)

Hope you get well soon! I have started with a full on cold too! Was tucked up in bed on saturday night at 8:30pm watching Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix - didn't even manage to see Harry get to Hogwarts LOL how sad on a saturday night!

Karen said...

LOL I have the threadbear link on mine as well
Hope you are feeling better and RM deliver your bits on monday

Julie said...

Get well soon {{hugs}} - keep the germs though LOL

Always the same when you want an envelope to arrive, junk mail, now that will be here 1st class!!!