Thursday, 17 January 2008

Mother Earth

Well I didn't make the anticipated start on Jayne's Memories SAL last night so there aren't any progress pics of that to show today. :0( No idea what happened: the evening just seemed to get away from me and then I felt really tired, which made me realise starting a new project would only end up being a great invitation for that flippin' frog to make a visit, so opted to leave it well alone until today.

Have decided to share some other pics instead. :0) Anyone remember what my HAED Mother Earth project looks like? Just in case it's a dim and distant memory (well, it has been a while) here's the last progress pic I posted: I got all enthusiastic about Her again on the lead up to and during the festive season and made Her my focus piece. I didn't complete a whole page as I wanted to, due to a page being a whole lot bigger and involving a whole lot more stitching than I remembered, but did achieve quite a bit. Here's where I left off at the end of December:
It'll be a while before She comes out again due to the three SAL's and Monthly Challenge pieces I signed up for but, once I get into a routine with those and have my magnifier/light combi, am hoping it won't be too long.

Well, with all this rain we're still having the bit of Mother Earth we live on is decidedly wet and soggy right now. The worms have been coming up through every crack in the paving in my garden and just laying out full stretch - if they could speak they'd probably be gasping: Save me! Save me! I reckon the poor little blighters should opt not to wait for evolution to give them a helping hand in the gills department but go straight for full scuba diving gear instead...... something we're all going to need if this keeps up. >rolleyes<

Julie: I am seriously impressed with your car knowledge. Respect! Said car had its MOT re-test this morning and passed - the bill for that is minimal compared to what it would've been if the garage had done the work. DH and DS are very happy bunnies.
Cars are on my mind because this week I spotted a little black Mini in a drive about 5 or 6 doors up from us and it looks like it's got a For Sale sign in the window....... if ever this flippin' rain stops DH and I will be having a little wander that way for a nosey. :0)

Dawn: I keep trying to have a look at the Fatquarters website but all I keep getting is a web hosting thing come up instead. :0( Any ideas?
I didn't let that stop me though: I spotted someone's link to the Thread Bear site and went for a nosey there instead. Oh, now I remember: that's part of the reason why last night disappeared on me...... they have some rather nice goodies on there and I thought I'd died and gone to Devon! ;0) LOL Let's just say that it wasn't as expensive as it could have been, especially once I realised their WDW threads are a fair bit cheaper than where I usually get them from.
I'd better go and make a start on Memories: we're going out to our local curry house for a meal later which means a couple of hours less time for stitching tonight.
Many thanks to all that take the time to visit and leave comments, it's very much appreciated - it's niceto know that I'm not just blethering away into the ether. :0)


Anonymous said... Hope this works for you!

the link is the page for udder cream hand & body lotion although there is no piccie of it :)

Julie said...

Great progress on Mother Earth

My DD takes her theory driving test tomorrow, fingers crossed she passes then the driving instructor will put her in for her actual test ... she'd like a mini too just to match the BF's LOL

I hope you didn't click the Thread Bear link on my blog, i don't want to be to blame for you ordering MORE stuff!!!

Enjoy your meal

Sally said...

Wow you have made brilliant progress on Mother Earth Karan. I think a good go like this is the only way I'm ever going to get Winter finished!

You will love Thread Bear. They are so helpful and have some fantastic stuff.

Karen said...

Threadbear has some great stuff and they are normally quick getting it to you , also alot of the time if you want a design and can show them a link they will try and order it.
Your wio is looking great

Lynn said...

lovely job on mother earth Karan, I couldn't attempt all that stitching lol
I've also got Memories, but haven't started it yet, hoping to over the week end.
It's raining constantly here in Shropshire too, my garden is under water at the moment :(

Mylene said...

Hi Karan, you have done lots of progress on Mother Earth. Well done.