Thursday, 24 January 2008

Party Animal

No, not me - the card that I made today for my nephew Finlay. The tiny card on the front has: Happy Birthday Party Animal written inside, in case anyone was wondering, as I thought it went well with the bug-eyed critturs in the dome stickers. LOL. The scan just doesn't show the sparkle in the glitter card or the crittur dome stickers I used.

Thought I'd share this with you as I can't yet put up a pic of the Monthly Challenge piece that I finally managed to finish last night. Do you know I changed my mind on the finishing technique three times! Talk about: I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure! ;0) Am reasonably pleased with the end result and pics have been sent to Karen for the album - now really looking forward to the reveal on Saturday....... and what the next three choices are to vote on, for next month.
Due to completing the Challenge piece I didn't get around to putting the fabric for the Ozark SAL on to the frame yesterday, as planned, so hopefully that'll get done tonight. Same reason for there being no further progress on Memories either. As for the Amanda SAL: a check of my fabric stash revealed nothing that was really suitable to stitch this on so a shout to Jayne and a phone call later and there's a piece of Pol's linen on the way for this - Georgian, I think - so when that arrives I'll be all set to go. It's nice to be organised......... shame it doesn't happen that often. LOL.
Yup, it's ignoring the paragraphs again. Karen: help! How do I go about editing a page to insert paragraphs when it's playing up, please? I will need the idiot's guide! LOL.
Julie: Mistletoe is now officially classed as a UFO, so that's a candidate, as is Alchemy's Copper Beech and Heirloom Embroideries Love Is You. Spoilt for choice! LOL
Well the hungry mob has descended (all two of 'em) and need feeding, so I'd best shoot off. Thank you for the kind comments on ET, they'll help keep me going, and I hope you're all having a good day. :0)


Julie said...

Wonder why you can't get paragraphs?? no good asking me, i'm the biggest pc nerd there is LOL

Great card, you are clever

Karen said...

I have your photo and it's very nice ;O)
love the card

Mylene said...

Good morning, Karan. That's a cute card you made. I am sure he will love it. Congrats on finishing the monthly challenge. Looking forward to see the picture.
Have a nice day.

Stitchingranny said...

The card is lovely and love the sparkly bug eyed critters.

Look forward to seeing your updates especially on memories.

Nicola said...

Hi Karan, to paragraph your post, when blogger doesn't want to play fair, click on "Edit HTML" in the top right hand corner, put in your carriage returns and then return to "compose". Hope that makes sense and that it helps.