Saturday, 12 January 2008

Goodies Galore

Well 2008 has definitely started off in Stash Heaven as two more packages arrived this morning: a pinkie and a funky blue one. The pinkie contained the Pol's 32ct Heirloom Linen I ordered from Jayne: that's for the new Lizzie*Kate Double Flip's designs - yes, I caved in as soon as I saw these and signed up for the lot (no, I haven't got any willpower at all, in case you were wondering LOL). With the sentiments they contain they were a must have. The blue package contained the lovely goodies for Carol Tinson's Amanda SAL: Lovely colours, aren't they? It wasn't until I opened the pack that I remembered I still need to sort some fabric for this, so will be checking out my stash later in the hopes of having something suitable. Or maybe it'll be a case of Jayne to the rescue again! LOL ;0)

I've realised that, with not posting over the festive season, I haven't shared the pics for my first ever exchange yet: the Christmas Card exchange on Stitch'n'Stash. My partner was Dusty in the USA and here's the first card I sent:
You may recognise this, as it's part of a freebie design from the Lavender & Lace site. The first time around I started it on a piece of opalescent fabric but it didn't stand out at all, so that was ditched and I started again with this: stitched 1 over 1 on a piece of Jayne's Count On Me fabric called Cranberry Milkshake. It's attached to a silver metallic card with star-shaped brads and the thinking behind that was so Dusty had the option of taking it off the card and turning it into an ornie, if she wanted, and being able to re-use the other bits. That card was in the package that I thought had been lost, so I had a mad panic then set to and made another card and sent it:
This is one of my favourite designs (I think I got it as a card kit from Readicut many moons ago, but don't quote me) and I've stitched it a few times over the years and will, one day, stitch it for myself and make it into an ornie. This time I just attached the stitching to the card by small glue dots in the corners so Dusty could make it into an ornie if she wanted to. This second card arrived first and in a very short time, so that was a relief, then the original finally turned up (on Christmas Eve, I think), so that was an even bigger relief! Glad to say that Dusty liked both of the cards and her gifts. I learnt that it's a mistake to mark an airmail package Fragile, especially at Christmas, as it severely delays it through both the UK and US postal systems >rolleyes<

Not sure If I've mentioned I'm taking part in the Stitch'n'Stash/Attic Monthly Challenge which is being co-ordinated by Julie and Karen. The three freebie designs chosen for this month's Challenge were voted on and the one that got the most votes was Eliza's Pyn Pillow a really pretty design from With My Needle. Chart has been duly printed out and fabric and threads chosen (I chose the fabric, DS helped with the thread colours) and I've an idea on a really basic finishing technique to try - as some have already completed theirs I'd better extract my digit and get on with the stitching, especially as it's 1 over 1. I've hardly any confidence with colours and none at all when it comes to finishing techniques, so the thinking behind joining in with this is that it will help me gain some so I will hopefully start to tackle some of the drawer full of finishes I've got that are waiting to be finished off into something.

My DS is on his final day of the Panto run today, with a total of three performances to do. Shattered would be an understatement. DH drove him to the theatre this morning, via Tesco Express so he could stock up on Iso-wotsit drinks and goodies to keep himself going, for a 10a.m. start. As you aren't allowed to take pics or video the performances I thought I'd share the pic from the programme: My DS is the one sat down next to the Panto Dame. Unfortunately you don't get to see much of the tights, so sorry to disappoint you Julie. ;0)

DH drove him there so his Mini could stay here. It failed it's MOT yesterday so DH is changing a bulb in one of the lights and the handbrake cable in an effort to save him some cash - well, it was going to cost £60 before they'd even started doing anything and just what DS didn't need so soon after Christmas. DH had Mini's all through his student days and early working life (I've heard some of the stories - definitely a mis-spent youth!) , so knows them from top to bottom, and (if the truth be told) probably much prefers working on that than doing the DIY jobs in the house. ;0) I'm keeping him topped up with tea - much needed on a day like this.

We are going over to my DSis's tomorrow for the day - if I get back in reasonable time I shall try and post on here, as I've still got a couple of gift pictures to share and may yet change my mind and post an update pic of Mother Earth. DH has taken a pic of my Santa on a broomstick, so hope to share that pic soon too - see, I haven't forgotten! :0)

Thanks again for taking time to visit and leave comments. Hope you are all having a good weekend, despite the iffy weather. :0)


Anonymous said...

All your goodies look wonderful karan - there is no better feeling than hearing a big package landing on the doormat lol

The udder cream I ordered was from there is no pic of the hand and body lotion though, it is a random pic of something completely different :) They were really quick with shipping too!

Karen said...

great photo of the cast it's a pity you are not allowed to take photos.
The cards you sent are super I love LL designs,
Hope you have fun with the challenge just ask if you need ideas

Julie said...

Both cards are wonderful Karan, i'm so pleased the 1st one arrived as well, i've had to do a replacement before and then the 1st one arrived!!

Thanks for the pic of the cast, i love am-dram. They look a great bunch.

DD's B/F has an old mini, that too failed its MOT and is in DH's workshop being nursed back to full health (it needed a transplant - of the subframe variety!). The young lads and their 'babies' LOL

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the challenge chart, exciting isn't it

Stitchingranny said...

lol Karan, think most men would rather tinker under the bonnet of a car than do much needed DIY jobs.

Both the cards you did are lovely.

Sally said...

Lovely cards Karan and brilliant piccie from the panto.