Saturday, 26 January 2008

Monthly Challenge Reveal

The reveal was today and it was brilliant to see everyone's interpretation of the piece: Eliza's Pyn Pillow, a freebie design by Ellen Chester from With My Needle. There was a rainbow of different fabric and thread colours and lots of different finishing techniques used - a real feast for the eyes. :0)
So now I can show you what I did with the design. Front: Back:
My first ever beaded pin cushion! The fabric is Silkweaver Solos 32ct Lugana (don't know the name, unlabelled) and the threads are Carrie's Creations: Sherbert for the alphabet; Multi Grain for the basket; Sea Kelp for the stem and leaves and Sunflower for the flowers. Apart from the satin stitch hearts, the front was stitched in 1 over 1 cross stitch (didn't read the instructions properly - Oops!) and the back motif in 2 over 2. Just wish I knew how to make the corners a bit less bulky without risk of the fabric fraying on the corners - guess practice will make perfect in the long run.
A BIG thank you to Karen and Julie for running the Challenge :0) I've now learnt a new finishing skill and realised that it's best to have an idea of what finishing technique to use before selecting threads and fabric, to make sure I've got the right colour of ribbons/beads or whatever for finishing. Have already put my vote in for next Months Challenge and we'll get to know the result and what we're stitching at the end of this month - can't wait!

Last night I tacked the fabric for the Ozark SAL onto the scroll frame, so that's all ready to go now. Didn't do any stitching at all, as I still felt out-of-sorts and very tired, with the temporary crown giving me some bother as well. No more tap-dancing elephant sounds from next door (a.k.a. those banging wheelie bins) so a better nights sleep was had, once I got off - which was after having to stir myself to go let the son and heir in after a night out with his LTC pals. The muppet had only gone out without his front door key! Tempting as it was to leave him and his rapidly chilling Chinese take-away on the door-step I just didn't have that level of cruelty in me. ;0)

Today is Brigg Farmers Market and DS shot off there with Alex bright and early. Fridge is now re-stocked with home-made cheeses, smoked fish and chicken and butter and the freezer with sausages, fresh fish, butty bacon and meats. Plus there's a bag of various organic veggies hanging in the workshop. Reckon DS has redeemed himself, don't you? ;0)

Today I'm wheezing like a set of old bellows so the weekend plans have had to be changed. Having a quiet day today and an early night tonight, dosing up with one of those Blackcurrant Lemsip Max drinks (good stuff that) and decided not to go to the M,B & S event tomorrow - don't think I could get round the hall once, let alone the usual mammoth trawl we have. Hopefully I'll feel a bit livelier in the morning, so we can go to my DSis's for the day instead, as we need to take over all the bits that DH got from the local Screwfix place for her that she'll be needing soon. She's already had a re-painting session in the little bedroom and re-done the filler round the window in there and her bedroom, as well as having a fella in to fix a leak in the roof for her - starting as she means to go on. LOL.

Thank you Nicola for the solution to the paragraph problem, it's much appreciated. Of course Blogger is behaving today, so I'll have to wait to try it out next time it glitches.

Karen: hope the creme egg helped to improve things - maybe I should try some chocolate therapy too. LOL

Thanks again for all the well wishes and kind comments about Memories. I hope you're all having a good day. :0)


Christine said...

What a lovely finish Karan! This challenge has been so much fun!

Dawn said...

Karan it is stunning!!! Well done on your first finish :)

Hope you feel better soon :)

Stitchingranny said...

Just love the colours you used in this one Karan.

Sorry you are feeling down again, I still keep getting days like that since my bug - just cant seem to shake it all off.

Stitcher said...

Hi Karan

I love your challenge finish, such springlike colours, cheered me up on this dull day. I'm looking forward to the next one too.
Hope you feel better soon.

jane said...

A lovely finish Karan - you did better than me who hasn't even finished it
hope you feel better after resting today

Lynn said...

What a lovely pin cushion Karan, and the beeds set it off really well... Well Done :)

I have also been woken up by a DD who has forgotten her keys... but she didn't have any thing tasty in her hand rofl

Lynn said...

ps. I hope your feeling better soon ((((hugs))))

Julie said...

Fab finish on the challenge piece

We all know where to come now for a bit of good local nosh then LOL

Sally said...

Lovely finish Karan! I'm looking forward to seeing how we all get on next month.

Mylene said...

It looks wonderful, Karan. Everyone did a great job and different finishes on this one. Well done!