Friday, 30 November 2007

A Thank You, a UFO and a WIP

I'd just like to say a big Thank You for all the supportive messages: you're all so thoughtful and kind and they mean a great deal. I believe that what a person sends out into the world comes back to them threefold - you are all due to receive many blessings for your kindness. Thank you. :0)
I lit candles and incense and said prayers yesterday and it was quite comforting. DSis tells me the funeral was well attended - Norma was much loved and they did her proud.

Now on to other things before I go getting upset again.
As you all know, due to having a brain lapse this week, UFO Tuesday ended up as UFO Wednesday instead, so here is the pic of the progress from my delayed UFO night stitching:
There's at least another two or three nights worth of background stitching left....... or four or five if I go really slow >wink<........ so the metallic is staying firmly attached to the thread sorter for a bit longer. :0)
As this is a DMC kit and I used the fabric supplied I must say I'm amazed at how little fabric is left around the edges of this piece for framing purposes. I don't remember previous DMC kits I've stitched being that mean with the size of fabric before and think it's a false economy on their part: it will make me think twice about buying another of their kits in future. I know I'm not the only stitcher to have commented on this recently, so do wonder how much custom they are losing because of this?

Here is a pic of progress on my latest WIP as well:

Can you guess what it is now? Helen: it's definitely not another ET - once will definitely be enough for that particular piece LOL. Clue: it's a festive design.

Speaking of festive designs, Ina posted a link on the S'n'S forum yesterday for a gorgeous freebie from Gigi, which can be found here. Isn't it gorgeous? In a pre-planning mode I recently bought my first couple of skeins of Rajmahal Art Silks (No 256 Hot Plum and No 379 Titian) mainly to see what they're like, with a view to kitting up ready to start the Wal D Champs piece Arabesque some time next year (intended as a Wedding Anniversary piece for our 25th in 2009). Jayne recommended trying the threads out first, as they can be difficult to use so........ guess what I intend trying them out on? Yes, I think that freebie from Gigi will be ideal, so many thanks to Gigi for being so generous. :0)

Well DH got back last night from the course in Manchester and promptly filled up the laundry basket with dirty washing >rolleyes<. He brought me back a pressie. While he was in Manchester he and a colleague had a bit of a wander one night, while waiting for a tram to turn up, and found a Bavarian Market that was being held there. It got a bit cold so they had a mug of mulled wine and a frankfurter or two to warm themselves up before catching the tram back to the hotel. Yup, you guessed it: my pressie was the freebie mug he'd had the mulled wine in. A remark about being so tight I could hear him squeaking when he walked and a comparison to a ducks watertight bottom was made. ROFL Good job he knows I'm joking. I also realise it could have been a whole lot worse........... he could have brought back a cold, greasy frankfurter instead!

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend. :0)


Karen said...

LOL thats the sort of thing my DH would do/has done ;O)
is it a little chick design I can't remember the name of them old age is setting in

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so, so close to finishing and it's looking fantastic!

I mentioned recently how little fabric I have left around my Dimensions kit - about 1 1/2" all round. Certainly not enough to hold steady in my qsnaps. It's such a nuisance isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Tablet is looking fantastic! As for your new WIP is it a chickadee chart?

Stitchingranny said...

The freebie is lovely. Is it one of those wee birds - brain isnt working this morning and havent a clue who designs them but I know as well as the normal ones there are some Christmassy ones with hats on. I would ask is all that made sense but Im probably better off not knowing the answer to that one lol.

Sally said...

Oooh is your WIP the Christmas Chickadee or something like that?? It's so cute:) and one I really want to do sometime.

ET is looking good. I bet I hear you shouting from here when you start on all that metallic!

Julie said...

Hello my little 'chickadee' (well it is that design isn't it) LOL

ET looks fab, Mr Stick says you have to stitch it really fast so it is all done before the New Year so you can start on another UFO ....

As my dad would say when handing you a mug of tea, knowing full well i prefer a cup and sauce 'a mug for a mug' *only kidding*