Saturday, 10 November 2007

Family Friday and Weekend Wanderings

No stitching done since Thursday so no updates I'm afraid. I have some good excuses though:

On Friday we had a day out visiting DH's Dad and Step-Mum over in Derbyshire. His Dad is 84 and had been poorly recently with what the GP thinks was a bacterial infection (the blood tests they did were pretty inconclusive). Poor man was knocked off his feet and stayed in bed for days and that's so not like him at all, as he's usually very active and everyone who meets him thinks he's in his 60's.......... wish I was wearing as well! LOL As we were quite concerned about him we went for a visit - pleased to say that he was looking quite well again and seems to be almost back to his old self. We had a good day, catching up with all the family news.

Saturday DS and Alex had a trip over to the Lincolnshire Showground to the final Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year. Meantime DH got on with that flippin' kitchen cupboard while I did some of the dreaded H word. That cupboard seems to be turning into another of DH's long drawn out DIY sagas: why do something in a couple of days if you can make it last for a couple of weeks? This happens with every DIY job - it's why the house still isn't completed even though we've lived here for over 22 years. If anyone knows of a good odd job man who is happy to tackle any DIY job, no matter how big or small, in my area please send him round - I have enough jobs here to give him a full-time job/income for quite some time.
Saturday night we packed a bag and went over to my DSis's to stay over. Our Aunty and Uncle from Barnsley came over for a couple of hours visit as well, so we had a good natter with them.

Sunday the three of us went to the Mind, Body and Spirit Show at the Lincolnshire Showground. I love these events: lots of alternative therapies and treatments, Pagan stalls, Tarot readings, jewellery and all kinds of other interesting and needful things. :0) We solved the "What do you want for Christmas?" problem as I spotted some nice silver/amber goodies there that DSis and DH bought for me and we bought a lovely silver, marcasite and amethyst pendant for my DSis, to go with one of Mums' rings that she wears.
We didn't have any therapies or treatments this time - it was just too busy and humming to relax to anything like that - but DSis had a lotion made up by an aromatherapist specially for her, for her swollen feet, and I bought some Australian bush essentials organic/natural creams to help with dry skin patches.
I also came away with a leaflet from a female hypnotherapist in Lincoln who does Past Life Regressions - something I have been thinking about undergoing for some time. Anyone else done this?
When we got back home later that night DS had had his bonfire and fireworks with his friends, a pre-birthday celebration - amazingly enough he had even tidied up!

An enjoyable weekend all round - hope everyone else had the same. :0)

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Julie said...

You did have a busy weekend Karan, the show sounds marvellous, will you go for the hypnotherapy??? that sounds really intresting.

Well done DS for clearing up after his firework party, was the threat of mum on the war path what he needed LOL