Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Birthday Card Blitz

Stitching on the Christmas card for the exchange is coming on, as I made it a priority last night. Have to say that I'm disappointed with it as the material I chose, although pretty and sparkly, is too light and the design isn't standing out as it should. I shall complete it but won't be sending it and will just have to stitch it again on a darker material. Oh well, you live and learn. >sigh<>No, not the H word, I did some of that yesterday - I meant the fun stuff.

Today is UFO Tuesday so guess what I'll be doing later? Eheheh. :0) Will post an update later in the week. Meantime it suddenly dawned on me that it was DS's birthday tomorrow and DH's on Saturday, so I got my cardmaking goodies out and had a play this afternoon. This one is for DS: as well as having roles and doing sound and lighting with the LTC productions he also helps out with set building, so I came up with this theme. This one is for DH. He enjoys an occasional tipple of the amber nectar, so I made an appropriate card. ;0)
The scanner has done it's usual trick and made these look quite flat - they are more dimensional, as I've used 3-D embellishments and dome stickers, and they also sparkle much more IRL. I should make a start on my Christmas cards soon........... but am not in the mood just now and have too many other things I need to get done first.

Jayne rang me today: her Carrie's thread order has arrived which means the threads for Tanglewood and Rosemarkie will be on their way to me shortly. WhoooooHoooo! One problem though: I only have one scroll frame available for use, so which do I start first? Decisions, decisions!

DS went to a rehearsal last night and found out that he now has two songs to sing in the panto. He was not a happy bunny, as singing isn't his strong point, but realises he doesn't have much choice. It should be easy enough to learn though: it's Abba's Take a Chance. Roll on performance week is all I can say, am so looking forward to it. :0)

As for the hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression Julie: I've always fancied trying this but there's a niggle I have about it and that's what if I find out I was a Nazi Death Camp guard, or something equally appalling, in a previous life? I asked the therapist that question and she said you have to ask yourself what lessons did you learn from that life and realise that you don't have to repeat the same mistakes or ever do anything like that again. Fair enough, but you still have to live with knowing that. As you can tell I'm split: yes, I'd like to go ahead and do this but am not sure I'm ready to deal with any possible negative experiences, so keep hesitating. My usual decisive self. >rolleyes< Watch this space.....


Julie said...

If the regression is meant to be Karan it will come along just at the right time and you wont be able to resist

Happy Birthday to your boys, the cards look great, you are clever

Karen said...

I don't think I would have the never to go back in the past lol, hope you enjoy it if you do .
what size scroll frame do you need so you can have 2 projects on the go lol
The cards look great

Sally said...

Very nice card finishes Karan:)

Mmm not sure I;'d want to try the hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression. Like you I think I'd be bothered by what I'd find out.

I didn't do too well on UFO night. Too busy on the PC celebrating my refund at last from Lekker Threads! LOL! Will be posting my progress in a bit though.

Mylene said...

Great cards you have made for DS and DH. Happy birthday to both of them and hope you all have a wonderful day today and coming weekend.