Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A Happy Birthday Day

It's a Happy Birthday for my DS Matthew - he's 22 years old today. Where has all the time gone? Nope....... not going to think about that one, it gets too depressing. ;0) I was going to post a baby pic of him but they're all packed away in the loft at the moment, so he'll be glad that's saved him the embarrassment. LOL
I asked DH to get a small cake on his way home tonight, as it's become a bit of a tradition that we have one of those Cadbury's Chocolate Gateau cakes with a candle on the top. Only DH couldn't find one so guess what he's brought home instead: a rather large (11" x 7") Cadbury Buttons cake. DH is diabetic so can only have a small piece........... guess me and DS will be having an awful lot of cake for the rest of the week, unless I can get him to take some round to his friends or something. Hhhhmmm - maybe not. :0)

It felt like it was my birthday today too, as the Carrie's threads arrived this morning. Here are the threads (Twinkle and Blueberry Pie) and fabric (Pol's Sky High) I'm using for the Long Dog Sampler Rosemarkie piece.

The Blueberry Pie thread has come out very dark but it's actually a really lush mix of purples with a hint of blue. I owe Jayne a big thank you for suggesting the thread colours - they're gorgeous and it's going to be a real pleasureto stitch this.
The other pic is of the Carrie's Tanglewood pack with the fabric I'll be using: Pol's Heirloom 32ct Belfast linen, another of Jayne's suggestions. Now all I've got to do is decide which goes on the frame. Karen: I'm not sure what size frame I'd need but I'm trying not to give in and get another one. I already have on the go: HAED Mother Earth, Egyptian Tablet and Loopylou's Mistletoe (SAL piece I fell behind with) on large frames; plus Alchemy's Copper Beech, my Christmas Card exchange piece and Heirloom's Love Is You on smaller frames. I think 7 pieces will be enough to keep me busy and out of mischief. :0)

I also had a nice parcel from Jenny, a fellow member of the Stitch'n'Stash Forum, that had the 4 hand knitted cravat style scarves, in eyelash wool, I ordered from her recently. I bought 2 bright pink ones as Christmas presents for DH's nieces, a chocolate brown one as a stocking filler for my DSis and another for me, to go with my winter coat. They are great, I love mine and hope the girls and DSis will like theirs too. If you read this: thanks again Jenny. :0)

I had a surprise visit from my DBro this afternoon, as he'd been working out this way and decided to call in for a coffee and a natter on his way home. He's doing OK, looks brighter and is feeling much better in himself now he knows his health issues are being sorted out. He's looking forward to having a couple of weekends away with his family, as they're taking their tourer to Chatsworth for the final sessions of the year. Bbbbbrrrrrr, they're hardier souls than us, as ours has already been bedded down for the winter.

BTW, I did stitch on ET last night (just in case Mr Stick was limbering up) but I want to do more tonight so won't post a pic until tomorrow.

Well I'd better go and hunt out some cake candles ready for DS getting back from the theatre.

Thanks to all for taking the time to visit and for the kind comments. :0)


Karen said...

those colours are wonderful I can't wait to see these designs started
chocolate button cake yum I will have a look out for one of thoise for my birthday cake lol

Julie said...

Chocci cake.... yummy!!! eat a piece for me too Karan LOL

So you have a lot of pieces of unfinished work on the frame then .... lots more work for Mr Stick to tease you about in 2008 *snigger*

Sally said...

Happy Birthday to your DS! I hope he enjoys his cake:)

Love the colours of your threads and fabrics.