Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Card Exchange and WIP Update

I am taking part in the Stitch'n'Stash/Jayne's Attic stitched Christmas card exchange and received my beautiful card from Hayley today. Isn't it lovely? The scan makes it look so flat and lifeless and it isn't - the hand dyed fabric and threads glow and the charm and snowflakes sparkle. I love it and, as I know that Hayley has had her hands full looking after her poorly baby just lately, it is doubly appreciated. If you're reading this: thanks again Hayley. :0)
Now I just wish my card would hurry up and arrive with my partner: it was posted air mail to the US back on the 23rd. Maybe I'm being a tad impatient but air mail is usually a lot quicker than this - I guess at this end of the year I should be allowing for all the staff parties in both postal services and customs at either end. ;0)

Here's an update on my WIP.

Well done all - looks like you all guessed in the end LOL. Yes, it's the Christmas Chickadee by Valerie Pfeiffer - one of the extra goodies that fell in my basket when I had a shop at Sew and So recently. This is now a bit further on, as I stitched on it again last night. I would have got a whole lot more done if it hadn't been for a visit from that darned frog! Three flippin' times I ended up pulling different bits out, thanks to those fractionals, and re-stitching them - I finally gave up in disgust and went to bed as I was obviously tired and not concentrating properly because of it. It's UFO night tonight so I shall be stitching on ET later - it'll give me a nights break from the chick which is probably a good thing........ by the time I'd ripped out for the third time the air had turned a horrible shade of blue and DH was thinking of fetching the gaffa tape. ;0)

Saturday we had dinner out at a local garden centre, called at a farm shop for some veggies, then came home to do a couple of small jobs before our big Tesco delivery turned up. Sorting that out and putting it all away took a while but now my cupboards, fridge and freezer are nicely re-stocked. We had fun and games paying for it though: we were talked into joining up to that VeriCard scheme, designed to make online fraud with your card more difficult for the scammers, which means you have to go through an online verification process, keying in a password that only you know............. simple, yes? Yeah, right: it is if you can remember the flippin' password. Could I? Nope. Could DH? Nope. So three tries later each and we were kicked off and given a message to ring up the help Centre...... except the HC line shuts at 8pm and we were doing this around 10pm. Luckily we hadn't registered the debit cards for the scheme and Tesco didn't delete the order so I was able to pay with mine. Needless to say we won't be registering the DC's any time soon. >rolleyes<

Sunday was a busy day: we went into town to do some shopping; next we popped to Screwfix to get the light fittings and bulbs my DSis needed and some new hinges for our downstairs loo seat; then on to Poundstretcher for some more bits and pieces and finally a quick trip into The Range. We managed to get a few final Christmas gifts, a few goodies and some of the home bits I needed that were on my non-Christmas list - I call that a good result. ;0) Later DH felt inspired and fitted the new hinges to the loo seat. A good job too, as using that loo got to be about as scary as one of those white knuckle rides: sit down and the seat would suddenly veer to one side and either your bum cheek would get pinched by the seat or be burnt by the radiator - if you were really unlucky you got to experience both, one after the other. As my proportions are, shall we say, somewhat generous in that area I generally ended up being really unlucky most of the time.

Monday I got all of my usual jobs done and had my regular coffee and a natter visit from Alex in the afternoon and stitched on the chubby chick in the evening. The other half of my Christmas pressie from DH arrived too: I ordered the Dawn Bibby DVD's from QVC last week, to save him the hassle of looking round for something - thoughtful, ain't I? ;0) LOL. I had hoped to update my Blog and catch up with everyone else's as well but didn't manage it, so will hopefully get that done today.

Hope you all had a good weekend and start to the week and thanks for visiting. :0)


Karen said...

we have a loo seat like that, I got a nice crack on the head a while back when it went one way I went the other , do you have a DH like mine who reads car mags in the bathroom? now some are good if they have shiney covers and no staples you can surf the length of the bathroom on one of those.
The other great thing about those extra security on the passwords is they ask you the 3rd 5th and 7th character of the password, so you then have to remember the flipping password then spell it out !!!!!!!
great card from Hayley

Lynn said...

I love the little chickadee, he's so cute! I've got three baby owls in the same vain :)
Your exchange card is lovely.
I know what you mean about Tesco's and the verivication. Luckily I can remember mine, because I have the same one for every thing lol ....it's so obscure no one would guess it in a million years rofl

Stitchingranny said...

See I knew what it was even if I couldnt remember what it was called lol.

I was chuckling away having visions of the loo problem, rather too vivid as we had that problem a couple of years back.

Hope Mr Frog stays well away from your house tonight and you enjoy your stitching on UFO. I will be joining that again once Christmas is over.

Julie said...

Nice card, chickie growing nicely.

Too much info about your nether regions and the seat LOL

Sally said...

That is a beautiful card that you received from Hayley. Love your WIP on the chickadee. Thanks for the offer of the chart but I think I've got a similar one in an old WOCS mag.

Oh that veri whatsit thing on Tescos is a pain! Lol! I do my Dad's shopping online there and I can't get his card set up! We've been to the bank twice and rang twice and still no joy so I have to use mine and then he gives me the money! Got mine set up OK though!