Monday, 26 November 2007

Blue Monday

No pics to show you today I'm afraid. After the cardmaking I wasn't in the right mood for a new start so I did a bit of stitching on ET on Saturday night instead but it's not enough to make it worth doing a pic for.
We were out at my DSis's yesterday, so no cards made and no stitching done...... but we did have dinner out, a good gossip, watched the latest Harry Potter DVD and she has now got a fully functioning wardrobe door once again. :0)
Today it's been house jobs and Alex's visit, plus seeing DH off before tea, making sure he'd packed everything he needed beforehand, as he's away on a course in Manchester for the next few days, so no crafting or stitching done yet.

No, that isn't why it's a blue Monday.

Guess what I found when I came down this morning? A flippin' rigid mouse corpse in the trap in the back room, that's what!!! >:0[
Fortunately we left the trap down and primed "just in case" and it looks like it's a good job we did. I glanced down at the trap, did a double-take, went for a closer look then said - in the best Victor Meldrew tradition - I don't believe it! Well, actually I said a whole lot more than that but I can't put it in print 'cos I'd get kicked off Blogger............ so now you know why it's been a blue Monday! ;0)

Problem is I don't know if this is the mate of the other little beggar we got, a lone scavenger or one of a new pair. Now, having searched high and low for the choccie bait and not finding it, the question is: did the mouse die happy getting a feed in before it triggered the trap or did the bait launch into orbit and I just haven't found it yet or did it come with a buddy, with the heartless little sucker leaving his/her mate to take the consequences while it cleared off with the choccie?
Just in case it's the latter the trap has been re-baited, primed and put back where it was and it won't be coming up again until summer......... or until DH extracts his digit and finally puts some fine mesh over the air bricks, whichever happens soonest.................... my bet is on summer. LOL

Thankfully there was no evidence of the mouse having been anywhere else in the house, unlike last time. I'm now really good at mouse poo hunting, verging on expert, and am wondering whether there'd be a commercial market for my expertise. ROFL

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my cards, they're much appreciated. Hope everyone's Monday morning was a whole lot less blue than mine. ;0)


Karen said...

Oh boy , I hope you don't have more mice , like you I am getting good at spotting mouse poo at 40 paces lol, trouble is I see the poo call DH then go out so I don't have to see the mouse , I can't bear anything fluffy smaller than our dogs . Glad you had a good visit yesterday

Dawn said...

Oh dear! I am having very funny mental images of your face when you discovered it :):):) I would freak out, in actual fact i think I would book myself into a hotel until the hole was filled!!! LOL

Little Cat said...

Oh dear. Just when you thought you were rid. Here's hoping he was a singleton and ate the bait before popping his clogs eh.

I had a blue Monday too. Lets hope today is better for both of us.

Mylene said...

Hi Karan, hope today went well than yesterday. And the rest of the week will be fine too.

Rachael said...

Oh no What a horrible thing to find,we went on holiday and came back to an awful smell in the garage where they had feasted on a large 24 pk of walkers crisps and made a nest!! The smell was the ammonia and heat!!
I do like your cards!