Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Weekend Update and More......

I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet, I just haven't had much time to myself for Blogging these last few days. Time for a catch up on news now........ so I recommend making yourself a cup of tea/coffee and putting your feet up before starting. ;0)

Saturday DH got on with the shelf for the kitchen cupboard while I pottered with house and garden jobs plus keeping him well supplied with copious cups of tea.
I also got out all of my DMC threads and found all the ones needed to stitch the Christmas card for the exchange I'm in - that's a first, as usually I need to buy at least 1 skein for a new project.
Seeing the disorganisation of the 3 separate bags (a mix of whole and partial skeins), 3 floss boxes (2 of which are only partially filled) and the bag of empty plastic bobbins waiting to be filled gave me a guilt trip. Sorting this little lot is a job I've threatened to get around to many, many times and haven't. So I made a start Saturday night, instead of stitching.

Sunday we went over to my DSis's in Doncaster. We had dinner out, then visited the Crem to see our Mum and Dad's new memorial plaque on the monument and lay flowers for them. The plaque is lovely - they would be proud. :0)
We went for a drive round afterwards and ended up at Bawtry Caravans. We got a few bits we needed for our tourer but spent most of the time in the gift shop and cafe. DSis bought a lovely little angel ornament to tie in the branches of the blue spruce tree that is close to where our parents ashes are at the Crem - we'll do that on our next visit.
DH and I couldn't resist a decorative filigree metal fire screen that has small hoops attached to the back that hold glass tealight holders - it looks lovely on our hearth and it can be "dressed" with ornaments for the festive season.
In the evening we went to the memorial service for Dad and all those who had passed away this last year in the parish of St Peter's Church. It was well attended and we realised why when all the names were read out: we couldn't believe how many there were.
We all had the opportunity to go to the front and leave a lighted candle, in memory of our loved ones, on the marble steps in front of the altar area. When we were seated again they switched most of the lights off for a few minutes silence and the effect of all those little tealights plus the pillar candles on the altar was lovely, almost magical. I found it moving but not upsetting and was glad we'd attended.
Many thanks for the kind thoughts over this, they were much appreciated and did help. :0)

DH has got this week off as a holiday. We had originally planned to go away but decided against it, as it's an ideal opportunity for us to get some of the outstanding DIY jobs done that got backed up while he was so busy at work over the summer.
Monday he continued with the shelf while I did my usual house jobs, ready for Alex's regular Monday visit, as well as keeping the cuppas flowing. BTW, what is it with men, DIY jobs and tea? Is tea to men what oil is to a car: forget to put it in and the whole thing seizes up? LOL
No stitching on Monday night but I did do some more thread winding and sorting. That goes well until I get a knot in it *@!!#**!....... I told DH that's why it's called cross stitch. ;0)

Tuesday got off to a good start with a pink parcel containing the Sassy's Black Ash fabric bargain from Jayne that I got for some Halloween ornament stitching for next year.
We decided to go out and about today, so went to the Kirton Lindsey garden centre for dinner (their tuna cheese melt baguettes are yummy!). We had a look round afterwards and came away with a heavy duty garden sack, a bag full of ordinary tea lights and two boxes of scented ones, a couple of Christmas gifts (for MIL and FIL) and a small birthday gift for DS........ I call that a good haul. We didn't find what we'd actually gone looking for: a decorative but useful bird bath for the garden, so we set off to Brigg garden centre.
No luck there either, despite there being lots more choice, but we did get: a nice decorative wall pot for the front of the house and a beautiful deep red cyclamen plant to go in it; a mini scrapbook wedding kit, and a couple of pocket tags to go with, which I'll make up for DS's friends who married last month; I treated myself to a book (Witch Child by Celia Rees) and a Heritage cross stitch kit called Night Watchman - I love owls and at a tenner off it was a real bargain. ;0)
Part of today's haul:

I shall, hopefully, do a UFO Night update and have a catch up day with everyone's Blogs tomorrow (Wednesday).
DH plans to get the shelf finished - hope so, because we'll then be able to sort out all the stuff we took out of there, Freecycle what we don't want/need any more, and re-organise what's left as it's put back......... there's something very satisfying about getting things like this sorted then crossing that job off the list. :0)

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Julie said...

WOW talk about busy LOL

Glad the service went well on Sunday was thinking of you all. Your owl looks a nice project, so when do you think you'll start that then !!!

Good Luck with the winding, rather you than me