Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stash, Stash, Glorious Stash!

Big apologies to Sally and Karen: somehow I managed to delete your last comments instead of publishing them. Good job you couldn't hear what I said after that mistake........ it definitely wasn't Doh! ;0)

Today has been a great stash day with the arrival of two pink parcels. The first one opened was my monthly clubs from Jayne's Attic which was another rainbow of Carrie's Creations and a piece of Sugar Maple Fabrics called Quicksilver, a gorgeous opalescent that begs to have a snowman design stitched on it. One of the Carrie's is called Halloween which made me smile, as I think it'll go lovely with the Black Ash fabric I got earlier. I've already chosen and printed out the freebie design I want to stitch, which is called Coeur Halloween and it can be found here.

The second package contained a surprise for my exchange partner (don't think she reads my Blog but didn't want to risk spoiling the surprise, so didn't put it in the pic) and some other goodies that just happened to fall in the basket as I was ordering the gift. ;0)
There's the beautiful Scented Rose Tree Ornament chart by Polstitches - now who could resist it? Then a piece of Pol's Pearl fabric that I wanted to try and a skein of Camphor Laurel Kaalund Silk yarn to add to my collection. Not a bad haul.

Tuesday night was UFO Night and I didn't manage to do any stitching then but made up for it last night and got on with the background area from the point of the collar downwards. This is where I got to:

Tonight I made a start on the stitched card for the Christmas exchange and will concentrate on that the next day or so. It will need some concentration too, as I'm stitching it 2 over 1 on 27ct opalescent - hope my eyes cope OK.

As for other stuff: I had a chat with my DBro yesterday. He's had the camera procedure done and it turned out they decided to have a looksee both ends. DBro told them he hoped they were doing his throat first, which had the team laughing and assuring him they used different cameras for each procedure (he is so like our Dad, a chip off the old block). The upshot of this is that they found some scarring, redness and possible infection in his duodenum? (where the stomach meets the bowel) and his stomach acid is too strong. They took a scrape to send for testing and he goes for the results next Friday. Meantime he's on a course of anti-biotics and antacids which they feel should sort out his problems. BIG relief all round. :0)

DH and I have had a couple of garden tidying sessions in the last couple of days. The lawn has had what should be the final cut of the year and DH gave the mower a good clean off and oiling before putting it away. The kitchen shelf is just about done but the cupboard needs another coat of paint, or so I've been told, so I won't be having that sort out and putting things back just yet.

DS's rehearsals for the panto are going OK and he's learning his lines well. He recently bought himself a replica of Frodo's sword Sting (LOTR) from that well known auction site and the panto Prince is going to borrow it to wear on stage. It should look pretty impressive - I'll find out when we go to see the panto.

Thanks again to all who take the time to visit - hope you're all having a good week.


Karen said...

ok if I leave a comment will you delete it again? ;o)
Great news for your brother I must say that would have been a question I asked .
Look at all that stash wow you lucky thing.
Your stitching is coming along well,

Nicola said...

Lovely stash haul Karan! Hope your brother starts feeling better soon.

Sally said...

Two pink parcels:) You lucky girl!

That;'s brilliant news about your brother:)

LOL @ you deleting my last comment. I shall be very hurt if you do it again Lol!

Julie said...

Stash buying, lucky you LOL

Good news about your Bro, another stressful situation resolving itself for you

Will you have this UFO done this year then with all this great progress you have made ??


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stash karan! Best kind of post going!