Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Belated UFO Night Update

I stitched again on Tuesday UFO Night but, as it was Samhain, left posting until today. Egyptian Tablet is really showing the benefits of all this added attention as I've finally finished the jewelled collar section, and get to move on to the background next. Despite that being all dull colours I'm actually looking forward to it, as much of it is in half cross stitch which means it tends to grow quickly.
This week I also received another small pink parcel which contained the materials pack for the Stitch'n'Stash beginners hardanger SAL. The threads Jayne sent are a lovely coppery colour - so me - and the SAL begins today, so I think I will probably stitch that tonight. Thanks to previous SALs on there, making a hardanger bookmark and Christmas Trees, I'm not a beginner at this anymore but I do enjoy joining in as they are a lot of fun.
I'd better fess up as well: Jayne was having a clear out of some hand dyed fabric at a bargain price and I succumbed and ordered a piece. I couldn't help it as there was a lovely piece called Black Ash, just perfect for Halloween designs, and it just kept shouting "Buy me! Buy me!" ........ I never was one to resist a bargain, so I did. So, OK, it's too late for this year but I'm definitely prepared for next year now, aren't I? ;0) LOL
So how many trick or treaters knocked at your door last night? We had four lots, a total of nine children, and most of those were escorted by much older siblings/parents and they'd made a real effort to dress up. It was a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and, as they were also very polite, it was fun doling out the goodies to them all.
Many thanks for all the lovely comments about my parents photo, you are very kind folk.


Sally said...

ET is looking stunning Karan!

We had quite a lot of trick or treaters last night and they had all made the effort and were really polite. It makes it all worth while when they're like that:)

Karen said...

we didnt get any trick or treaters
Sassy's fabrics are great aren't they I have the black ash fabric and quiet a few others lol

Karen said...

forgot to say your stitching is coming along so well

Julie said...

Great progress Karan, well done

Mylene said...

Very good progress, Karan.