Thursday, 15 November 2007

On A Cold And Frosty Morning

It seems our central heating boiler lost pressure some time during the early hours, due to the hard frost we've had, and didn't come on to warm up the house before we got up this morning. It was definitely a tad nipply, as my DS calls it (charming child) . :0)
The frost had also claimed a victim outside: a poor cyclist seems to have come a cropper on the crossroads and had to be taken off in the back of an ambulance, all before 8a.m. Hope he/she is OK. What a way to start the day!

Anyway, as promised here's the latest UFO Tuesday and Wednesday night progress on EgyptianTablet:
As you can see I've been stitching on the opposite side to last time and that's not the edge of the border on the left corner either, there's some more to stitch there yet. Not complaining though, as I'm quite enjoying this at the moment. I actually fancied carrying on with it tonight but decided I'd better concentrate on my Christmas card for the exchange instead - I suddenly realised that the posting date is fast approaching and I'd better extract my digit if it's to be finished in time.

That Christmas card is turning into a bit of a saga. The sparkly fabric, although Christmassy enough, just wasn't working with the design so this afternoon I went for a root round in my stash for a more suitable fabric. As it was all piled together in a crate this led to me finally sorting through it all and arranging it into the 4-drawer plastic storage unit I bought some weeks ago: top drawer is all 28ct; next down is for 32ct and miscellaneous linens; next down is all different aida, hardanger fabrics and banding and the bottom drawer is for cloth items that can be stitched on. By the end of that I was a little surprised, as it made me realise I'd got way more fabric than I thought........... but don't tell anybody I said that, especially not DH. ;0)
The upshot of all that was that (as well as getting nicely organised fabrics and backache) I came away with a lovely piece of Jayne's Count On Me fabric that I reckon will look much better and restarted the design on that tonight. It's certainly helping my eyes working on a darker, non-sparkly fabric, it's definitely standing out more and I'm much happier with the result. It's my first exchange so I want it to be just right.
So that's no new start for me yet, no matter how much Tanglewood, Rosemarkie and that empty scroll frame calls to me. (BTW, Karen: have emailed you, hope you got it OK.)
I also got busy on the HollieStitch site today as well. I started by ordering some goodies intended as pressies but somehow three charts just fell in the basket as well........... isn't it weird how that just happens? ;0) I couldn't resist Pelin Tezer's Labyrinth and Romance and the Wal d' Champs Arabesque designs. I have plans to make Arabesque into a 25th Wedding Anniversary piece for DH and I - we've got two years to go, so there should be plenty of time to plan and stitch it (she says, tongue in cheek). As for the PT charts - I just love her monochrome pieces and had to add these to my collection.
As for that stash wagon, well all I can say is: what wagon? ROFL.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering: the Chocolate Button cake is very nice. LOL :0)


Sally said...

Oooh I bet you were chilly Karan! It was certainly very cold yesterday morning.

ET is coming along nicely. At least you won't get battered by Mr Stick this week!

Hollie Stitch has some gorgeous charts don't they? I've never ordered from them before so you'll have to let me know how you get on.

Karen said...

I had to resort to little white dogs on my feet last night as I was so cold, for some reason DH wouldn't let me warm my feet on the back of his knees ;O)
your ufo is coming along very well bossy Mr Stick will be so unhappy he can't whack you this week.
Hope you get on ok with your card nothing more frustrating than stitching something and not liking the way it goes.
Got the email look out in the post next week :O)

Julie said...

I'm sure your card for the exch will be fabulous.

If you find your newly organised fabric stash a bit too daunting, i can always offer it a nice, warm home LOL

Lynn said...

Oh I hope your boiler gets back to a good working order, you don't want to be with out that in this weather!
the ET is coming along beautifuly, well done :)

I love your cards too, and hope DS had a good birthday