Thursday, 22 November 2007

UFO Update

Thought I'd better show the latest progress pic of Egyptian Tablet. I stitched a little on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, as I'm doing little and often - my concentration levels are all over the place at the moment.

I've completed the Christmas Exchange card and got everything parcelled up today, ready to go off to my partner. I shall reveal all once I know it's been received. :0)
While I'd got the gift wrap etc out I also wrapped and parcelled the hand knitted cravat/scarves I bought from Jenny, as they've got to travel up to DH's nieces in Glasgow.
I made the mistake of browsing the Sew and So site on Tuesday. Initially it was just as a distraction, as I was feeling pretty low, but it turned into a shop when I spotted some gorgeous JBW Designs charts. The French Country range are so sweet, resistance was low and I was unable to resist them. Hopefully they'll get here tomorrow. Don't think I'd better do any more browsing of any sites for a while or it might get really expensive.
Sorry Julie, I will have to disappoint you: DS tells me that no one took a camera out with them last Saturday night, so there aren't any pics of him dressed as a pimp. The outfit was: black shoes, black Thai silk shirt, a black cane with silver handle (plastic) , a wide brimmed velvety hat, velvety trousers and a long coat as well - the hat trousers and coat being bright orange with zebra trim. Think of some of the Gangsta Rap "singers" and you'll get the general idea. He took all the gear and got ready at his mates house, so I didn't get to see him all dressed up..... unfortunately. ;0)
BTW, I've had an invite to join a Yahoo group called xstitchfreebiefinder which says it's taking over from where Sue's group left off. Does anyone know anything about this group? I wasn't ever a member of the other group, so don't know how they've got my email address or who the invite is from, so - erring on the side of caution - would appreciate any further information before I contemplate joining. Thanks. :0)


Julie said...

Never heard of the yahoo group Karan, can't help there, sorry

ET looks great, Mr Stick is getting all excited, this is growing lovely

LOL DS, i get the image of Ali G in the video 'Me Julie' now !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karan. I got that email too and I know I wasn't in a group. I went to look at the main page and there was only one message there. I binned the email. I think someone is surfing the stitching blogs and trying to get members for a new group and I don't think it's going to be Kosha (sp?) either.

Your Egyptian sampler is so gorgeous! It's speeding along now. I can't wait to see it finished as I've never seen this one before seeing it on your blog. Do you have a picture of what it will look like finished or do we have to wait :o)

Mylene said...

Good progress, Karan and congrats on finishing the card. I haven't finish mine yet but hopefully this weekend. Can't help with the yahoo group, that's new to me too.

Sally said...

ET is looking really good Karan. UFO night is brilliant isn't it?

Never heard of that group so can't help you I'm afraid.