Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Card Crazy

Can't say as I'm overly sure how Blogger has done this to my pics but at least it's different! Despite all the new stash I haven't picked up a needle for a couple of days - this is what I've been doing instead.

The three cards to the right are Friday night's makes and the three above are today's makes, with the left one being made earlier in the week...... I decided to keep going as I seem to be on a roll with the cardmaking at the moment.
The flower ones and Santa are my favourites and the Santa one is for my nephew Finlay.
I've got a few more Christmas cards to make, as well as a couple of birthday cards, so am hoping that the inspiration keeps going over the next few days so I can get them all done........ that'll be another job out of the way then. :0) I won't have chance to do them tomorrow though, as we're going to my DSis's for the day: not sure what the plan is (going out somewhere or staying in) but I know she has a wardrobe door hanging off its hinges that's in urgent need of my DH's attention.
Today has been relatively quiet as we've stayed in all day: neither of us fancied tackling the pre-Christmas shopping crowds in town or the bitterly cold weather. I got on with the cardmaking and a few other things (like joining the Amanda SAL Yahoo group) while DH popped out to the local shops for a couple of bits he needed, then tackled some small DIY jobs. DS shot off first thing to the Farmers Market in Brigg: not just to stock us up on more local goodies but to also order the duck and other meats for Christmas, which he'll pick up at the market next month. Another job done. :0)
I plan on getting my big supermarket shop ordered tonight and delivered next week (I love hassle-free online shopping!) to stock up my cupboards and freezers, so that'll not only cross another job off the list but will take us one step closer to being ready for the festive season. Am I usually this organised? Nah........ I really don't know what's happening, especially as I usually belong firmly in the MOF Brigade (that's Miserable Old Farts, for the uninitiated) LOL. I guess it all acts as a distraction from recent events, so I'm not complaining.
Well I've got a curry about to turn up so I'd better go for now. Whatever you are all doing this weekend I hope you are having a good time...... and if it involves Christmas shopping, hope it's hassle-free. :0)


Karen said...

I want curry lol, we wont be doing much food shopping for Christmas doesnt doesnt seem worth it when it's just the 2 of us. Your cards look great , hope you had a good time at your DSis's

Mylene said...

WOW! Such beautiful cards you've made, Karan. It sure inspires me to work on mine for x'mas. Good for you staying in with this cold, had to spent this morning at the football fields for Chris and have to take the dog later tonight for his last round. is cold!!

Anonymous said...

Love the cards Karan. I think Santa is my favourite :o)

You are just too organised! I've not even made my lists out yet never mind started any shopping - gifts or food.

Julie said...

Beautiful cards Karan, i like them all. I belong to that club too ... i could sleep and wake in Jan 1st !!!!

Lynn said...

Karan your cards are lovely, well done :)
I never think to take pictures of my cards, I'll try and get the next batch :)
Your new stash is yummy, I'll look forward to seeing how you get on with it all ;)

Sally said...

Wow, Karan, you have been busy! All your cards are beautiful!