Friday, 23 November 2007

Wagons Roll!

No I haven't been watching one of those shonky cowboy films...... after another stash splurge earlier this week and signing up for Carol Tinson's Amanda SAL today, plus buying the chart and goodie pack for it, I think I'd better get me on that there stash wagon for a while, don't you?
Well I'd better enjoy these last goodies for a while and part of that enjoyment is in sharing, so......

First off: some Zweigart 28ct Flax Cashel Linen; JBW Designs French Country Pumpkin chart and the WDW Terra Cotta thread to stitch it.
Then three more JBW Designs Christmas charts. I ordered the WDW Garnet thread to stitch the Stocking and Reindeer but it's out of stock and is to follow. (Bummer: I wanted to start these now LOL).
I already have plenty of various WDW green threads, so will delve in my stash for something appropriate for the top three designs. There were more charts than this on the Sew and So site and I loved most of them, so thought I was being really good when only ordering these four! ;0)
Finally, being a big fan of the Valerie Pfeiffer birds (got quite a collection in my stash), how could I resist this little beauty?

Anyone like to take a guess at what my new start will be? No, I don't know yet either so maybe I should toss a coin....... LOL

Thanks for the responses re: the new Yahoo group. You've confirmed what I was thinking, so I won't be signing up. The email has now been despatched into cyberspace heaven (OK, I hit the delete button but it sounds so much nicer the other way).

Just for you Karen (LittleCat): this is what Egyptian Tablet should look like when it's completed: I am so looking forward to the backstitch highlighting in the DMC gold metallic thread....... NOT! I think Mr Stick may get plenty of bashing in when I reach that bit and Julie's arm is going to look like half of her has been on steroids. LOL

DH is popping home soon, so I'd better go and do something - can't have him thinking I've been sitting in front of the computer all day, can I? ;0) He'll be taking a batch of parcels, including the Christmas Card exchange one, to the PO for me, so it'll be good to have them on their way and hopefully beating the Christmas rush. Am I really this organised so soon? You can bet I've gone and forgotten something!


Sally said...

Love all your new stash Karan:) I shall have to go shopping at Sew and So for some threads and beads. Better not look at charts!

Little Cat said...

Oooh, stash! Mmmm, nice stash! lol.

The Egyptian Sampler is absolutely gorgeous! It will be well worth all that backstiching, although I really don't envy you at all. I'll be here to cheer you on though :o)

Julie said...

Nice stash Karan, i stitched the pumpkin one last halloween LOL. Your little birdie looks a cute project too.

Nice to see apic of what ET will look like all finished, not seen it before. Mr Stick will be very patient with you and your kreinik, he has had experience of bad language when thats in the needle so understands that progress is not so fast then !!!!

Karen said...

Nice stash Karan , I love the JBW designs they stitch up so nicely