Friday, 7 March 2008

It's Friday Again!

Yesterday got off to a good start with the arrival of a pinkie from Jayne containing the Bianca's Scissor Pocket Ltd Ed chart from The Cat's Whiskers, with the recommended Dinky Dyes silks, that I pre-ordered earlier in the year. Isn't it a pretty design? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the pic - it's so joyful and is a nice reminder of Spring. It also looks like it will be a fairly quick stitch and with straightforward finishing too. :0)

I had the stitching session on the Ozark SAL the previous night, as planned, then followed it up with an afternoon session yesterday and finally got it finished in the early evening. Here's a pic of what will fit on the scanner:

Pretty colours on this too but Boy, was I glad to finally finish with that border! Part 2 of the For Amanda SAL is printed out, ready to go, and so is the Monthly Challenge piece: haven't decided on colours for the Challenge piece yet (still playing with a couple of ideas), so shall stick with the SAL stitching for now.

Didn't feel too great last night and went to bed around 10pm (not like me at all) and woke up wheezing like a set of old bellows today, so not fit for much of anything at the minute. My DSis is to blame: she wasn't feeling well when we were with her on Sunday, so I've obviously breathed in her lergy. She had to go see her GP on Monday and is currently on anti-biotics and has been told to go back in a couple of weeks for asthma tests, as her oxygen level is lower than it should be. I shall phone her tonight, see how she is doing and let her know I've gone right off her - she's only supposed to share good stuff! LOL ;0)

DS is rather busy again: the rehearsals for Canterbury Tales are now in full swing, ready for Show Week in May, so he's out most nights. Strange how much quieter the evenings seem! LOL
DH is still busy at work, thanks to Disaster 5, which is still continuing to throw wobblers at regular intervals - it certainly seems to be one of those jinxed jobs that everyone will be glad to see the back of. Roll on his retirement! He's managed to have a play with the digicam port thingies, got them working properly (guess who hadn't realised they weren't!) and has had a go at transferring pics - still don't know how to do this yet, as I left him playing while I went to bed. Hopefully I shall get a lesson on it all tonight.......... my lergy and his job permitting!

We were planning on having a busy weekend, getting a few jobs done here on Saturday, then going over to Doncaster to take my DSis out on Sunday but between me and her not feeling too great and the weather warnings in the UK for severe gales on Sunday night and Monday morning (potential gusts of up to 80mph - forecasters are warning people not to travel!) we may have to have a re-think. It keeps going dark and dingy today, with occasional gusts of wind, so guess it's either already on a slow build up or just giving a warning of what's in store. :0(

Many thanks for visiting and hope you all have a good weekend, whatever the weather. Stay safe! :0)


Sally said...

Ooooh Karan I want that scissor case!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! Lol! Did you have to show me? Might have to be naughty!

Love your Ozark SAL and looking forward to seeing it grow more.

My DH is supposed to working on the south bank on Monday but I can see it being called off if the forecast is right as the bridge will be closed.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.{{{{hugs}}}}

Julie said...

Nice chart! but not sure about the Ozark one, need to see the next few bits LOL

Hope you feel better soon, no fun being sick

lots of love and {huggles}

Paperfaerie said...

Your Ozark is looking the fabbie too :)
Gorgeous DD scissor case...I ordered some of the new stash too, but not this one...grrr...may have to
Have a fab weekend

Mylene said...

Great progress on the Ozark SAL, i so love the fabric you used.

Hope you get to feel better very soon.

Rachael said...

Oh the scissor pocket is pretty,Oh well done on the ozark,it looks great.
Hope you are feeling better,Have a great weekend!

Stitchingranny said...

still playing catchup after the hols so replying to this post and last. Yep blew the pic of ET up and can see all your hardwork on backstitching, I keep feeling sure you will be done next week lol.
Cards are lovely, border on Ozark sampler looks pretty but imagine it was boring to stitch lol, and your new stash is lovely (especially the knot garden which was my favourite of the new designs by Christine).
Hope you are now feeling a little better and if the weather here - Cold and Very Blowy - is anything to go by then you should stay tucked up by the fire with your stitching this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh that scissor case looks gorgeous! Lucky you :)

Hope you are feeling better now!