Monday, 24 March 2008

Ozark SAL and Something For The Men

I still haven't had any lessons on how to get pics off the digicam and on to the computer so am still using the scanner at the minute. As promised, here's a pic of what would fit on the scanner of the Ozark SAL after I completed Part 3: That section was enjoyable to stitch and the band is so pretty - can't wait to see what next month will bring. :0)

Here's that something for the men - pics of some of the cards I made last week. Although it's a male themed card this one will be for our friend Alex, who is a keen cricket fan - she's the only person I know who actually understands the rules and scoring system (it's gobbledigook to me) and doesn't fall asleep while watching cricket (it's better than a sleeping pill, as far as I'm concerned!):
I shall probably save this one for DS's birthday:
I have a feeling DS may pinch this one for his Dad, either for Fathers Day or his birthday:
This one is a possibilty for FIL, although the card I made for his previous birthday was on a cricket theme, so I may well change my mind before then:
I shall post pics of the other cards I made another time, along with a pic of Part 2 of the For Amanda SAL, which I completed on Saturday night.

I shall start on Part 3 of the Memories SAL tonight. DH and DS are back at work tomorrow, so my days will be my own again and my plan is to concentrate on finishing the Monthly Challenge piece in the daytime, as it needs to be ready for Reveal Day on the 29th (I think). It will also be UFO Night tomorrow night, so ET needs to come out of hiding after a couple of weeks break - it would be nice to have a Happy Dance some time soon!

Well yesterday saw around 4" of snow on the ground here but it didn't hang around for long, so our trip over to see my DSis went ahead as planned - it was good to see her and catch up with everything. She showed me the two Scrapbook Albums she's bought recently: DSis is known as the "keeper of the photographs" in our family and she has decided to start scrapping the best ones into Memory Albums, keepsakes to be passed down through the family. :0)
We attended the Memorial Service in the evening: nowhere near as well attended as the pre-Christmas one but, in some ways, it was more moving. Instead of placing our candles on the steps to the altar area, like last time, we were invited to place them on a wooden cross that was laid on the floor in front of the altar and when we had all returned to our seats the lights were turned off, leaving the candles to shine forth. It was another magical moment.

Today has been sunny but bitterly cold. DH ventured down the local High Street to do a little shopping this afternoon but I've stayed indoors all day, where it's warm, getting a few jobs done. The Benylin only seems to be taking the edge off the cough and not really shifting it so Alex has recommended I try taking thyme tea. That involves taking some leaves of the herb thyme, steeping them in boiling water for several minutes, straining it, then drinking the herb water. The herbalist recommended this when she had a lingering cough earlier in the year and it worked for her, so I am going to give it a go........... providing my thyme has made it through the winter. I'm afraid I'm a sad excuse for a gardener and whatever is planted in my garden has to fend for itself (blushing with shame).

The Memories piece is calling so I'd best be on my way. :0)

Thank you to all for taking the time to visit and for leaving comments, they are all much appreciated. :0)


Karen said...

nice cards, your SAL looks great , and yes 29th is reveal day lol

Sally said...

Your Ozark SAL is looking good, Karan, and I love the cards you've been making.

The memorial service sounded beautiful {{{{hugs}}}}

Mylene said...

Another beautiful cards, karan. Well done!!
A good progress on Ozark SAL too.
Have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

Love the cards! Your Qzark SAl is wonderful too!

Its been very cold here too :(