Sunday, 9 March 2008

As Promised.........

Digicam port thingies are fully functioning and pics have now been transferred. Yay! So here you go Julie, as promised, pics of Santa on his broomstick flying up the bannister at my house, as he's done the last two years at Yule. :0) A close up:
He's one of my alternative festive decorations - most of the others are more traditional, such as stars (which are representative of Pagan pentacles) and reindeers (which look awfully like stags - a potent image for the goddess' consort) with the usual pine tree, holly, ivy and mistletoe (all Pagan symbols used to decorate Christian homes at Christmas, as well as Pagan ones at Yule). If you look deeply enough, there are an awful lot of similarities between the two celebrations. :0)

Here's the pic of my DS in his outfit for the masked ball themed 18th party he went to the other weekend:
Unfortunately I couldn't get far enough away to get a full length view, so you can't see the great boots he had on. I was lucky to get the pics I did though, as he was itching to get off to the party.

As you've probably guessed we've stayed home this weekend. Whilst the weather has been better than expected (so far) I'm still not feeling great and have been having quiet days and curling up with my best mate, Lemsip Max, at night.

DH spent much of yesterday in the loft. No, I hadn't banished him there - he was doing the final fitting on the expansion tank for the central heating boiler. As it meant the boiler had to be turned off while he was doing this it didn't help my chest much. He did fetch in the little electric heater we use in our caravan but, whilst it keeps the caravan toasty warm, it only just about kept the chill off in the living room and didn't do much for the rest of the house at all - going to the loo felt like trekking through the Siberian Wastes. Bbbbbrrrrr! I didn't hang around! LOL Thankfully he got it all sorted by teatime, so when I'd warmed through I spent the evening stitching on Night Watchman - will post a pic next week.

The house is much warmer today but that's not stopping the irritating tickly cough I've now got. I keep thinking about rifling through my stash for fabric and threads for the Challenge piece but that's as far as it's got - thinking about it. The lazy option of finding a Miss Marple or a Poirot to watch and getting Night Watchman out again appeals more at the moment.

So far today DH has had a trip to the Amenities Site and back, taking a car full of broken and damaged stuff DS and fellow LTC folk had cleared out of their props cupboard yesterday, and that's about it. Exciting life we lead, ain't it? ;0) LOL

Right, I'm off to re-acquaint myself with the honey and lemon linctus, cuddle up with my other best mate, fleecy blanket, and get some worthwhile stitching done.

Thank you to all for visiting and taking the time to comment, it's very much appreciated. :0)


Julie said...

Great pics! that santa was well worth waiting for, i love him

Hope you soon feel better, why is it these men decide to do something with the heating off when we are not well and need to be kept nice and warm and be waited on!!!

Sending {{healing hugs}}

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan sorry to hear you are still suffering with that chest.

Love Santa on his broomstick and the Highwayman is not bad either.

You just look after yourself and sit with your feet up and stitch. Wish i felt like stitching but at the moment i just cannot get in the mood.