Monday, 10 March 2008

Night Watchman and Windy Weather

No, not a new job but the project I concentrated on over the weekend, in between coughing bouts. Looking on the bright side, there are some benefits to not feeling too great: you aren't expected to shift yourself to go out anywhere; you're not expected to do any jobs around the house instead and there's a perfectly valid reason to sit and stitch for as long as you feel like it, totally guilt-free. ;0)
All that guilt-free stitching has seen Night Watchman develop quite nicely - here's a pic of where I left off last night:
The problem with it being an "as and when" project meant it didn't grow overly fast for much of the time, so it actually feels like I'm getting somewhere with it now.

Last night's sleep was a bit disturbed, thanks to both the windy weather and my chest. I got woken up around half a dozen times by some of the bigger gusts of wind but went back to sleep straightaway when they weren't followed up by any sounds of something having dropped off the house, thankfully. Woke myself up another few times by making the weirdest noise when breathing - it made me wonder if DH should go and fetch the WD40 because it definitely sounded like something was squeaking badly and in desperate need of oiling! If that's what having a couple of spoonfuls of Meltus at bedtime does for me I reckon I'd best leave the stuff well alone. ;0)

The yukky weather is continuing here today with occasional rain and more gusty wind - definitely not conducive to having a lay-in, so I was up early and have been getting on with my usual Monday jobs, ready for in case Alex comes round. I've just been taking things at a slower pace than usual so I don't cough too much and do myself a mischief. LOL Thanks to all for the well wishes: as you can probably tell I'm not too bad in myself, the chestiness/cough is more of an inconvenience than anything else - having a quiet weekend seems to have helped. I've got a bit behind with blog reading but hope to catch up in the next couple of days.

I hope all in the UK are OK and haven't suffered any problems/property damage in this latest bout of bad weather. Stay safe all. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

The Nightwatchmen is looking look and I see you left the background to make a start on the man himself lol. I love owls and sure this will be a stunning one when its done.

Karen said...

you wip is comimh along nicely
Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than feeling rough , at least you can get away with not doing much , I am almost voiceless now lol

Mylene said...

I can see the difference from last update of Night watchman, you sure have done a lot, very good progress indeed!
Hope you feel much better today and that you are all safe from these stormy weather.

Sally said...

Nice progess on the Nightwatchman Karan.

Hope you're staying safe with all these high winds. It's been awful here last night and today and I got blown all the way to the doctors this morning. I kepe hearing noises and things banging but can't see anything hanging off anywhere! It kept Jess awake last night ( very unusual for her!) so I had to really shout at her to get her out of bed this morning!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Julie said...

Nightwatchman has grown nicely.

Hope you are soon on the mend.