Monday, 3 March 2008

Gifts, an Opinion and a SAL

Hope all the Mum's out there in the UK had a lovely Mothers Day. :0)

We picked up my DSis and had our trip to Rosehill Crem yesterday, meeting up with DBro and his family there: we left some flowers and the tag I'd made by Mum's name plaque, then some flowers by Mum and Dad's plaque on the new monument and some near where Mum and Dad's ashes are. It was cold and windy there but it didn't seem to have put off all the visitors, as it was very busy, and all the flower offerings were so lovely and such a joy to see.
We spent the rest of the day at my DSis's. When I got home my card and gift from my DS were waiting for me - didn't get them before we left as he was sleeping off a late night at a friends 18th birthday party! Here's a pic of my card:
Inside it says: ME! with his name. DH swears it's me he takes after in the sense of humour department. LOL
My gift was the new Elizabeth dvd:

Can't wait to watch this, although DS has made me promise it will be on a night when he's out - he doesn't mind buying these things for me, he just objects to being forced to watch them, the Philistine! ;0) I think I'll be treating myself to "The Other Boleyn Girl" dvd as it's another one I want to watch/own. As you may have guessed by now I have a bit of a fascination with the Tudor era........ have always wondered if I had a previous lifetime back then. :0)

Alex isn't coming for her regular visit today, as she's currently on sick leave, after having a minor surgical procedure last week. I've still got most of my regular jobs out of the way though and have also carried on with the great safe place hunt - still haven't found those elusive reindeer ornies for finishing but I did find another piece that screamed "finish me":

Am debating making this up into a small fob-type ornie, backing it with one of the two fabrics in the pic but can't decide which, if any, would suit it best. What do you all reckon? Have also got some nice Christmas red fine bead trim that would look nice with it and/or some gold ribbon. Please leave comments or email me on what you think. :0)

I managed to do one threads length worth of stitching on Love Is You whilst at my DSis's yesterday but it's not worth showing a pic of - didn't manage more as the fresh air got to me and I fell asleep, as did DH and my DSis (think we're all ready for the knackers yard! LOL). Thought I'd show you where I've got to with Part 2 of the Ozark SAL instead:

Can't fit the whole width on the scanner (DH hasn't had chance to fit the new bits to the computer yet, so can't use the digicam) but it'll give you an idea on the design and colour - isn't it pretty? Must get on and finish this as Part 2 of the For Amanda SAL is now out and I want to start that soon. We should also be finding out what the Monthly Challenge piece is today and I'm determined to complete it on time this month - not bothered which piece it is, as all three were lovely pieces and all ones I would love to stitch.

Usually I stitch in the evenings (seem to get more done then), with an occasional afternoon session when the mood takes me, but I think I may have to start with a few more regular daytime stitching sessions until the SAL's are completed, in an effort to keep up with everything. I would dearly love to start the mixed stitch Papillon SAL, as it's so pretty, and the Loopylou Elegance SAL that's soon to start over at JA/S&S is also mighty tempting - that design got my vote when the SAL was first suggested, as it was one I wanted to stitch - but have finally had to admit defeat and tell myself no: got enough to keep me busy already and any more would be just too much pressure. It's supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, not a pressurised chore. :0)

BTW, the 18th birthday party DS went to on Saturday night was a "masked ball" and he went in fancy dress and a Venetian style hat/mask combination. As he got ready here, rather than at a friends house, I actually managed to get a couple of pics this time and plan on sharing those as soon as the new bits are fitted to the computer. :0)

Thanks for all the kind comments and sorry if I haven't commented on your blog lately: have got a bit behind with blog reading but hope to catch up with everyone's news in the next couple of days.

Hope those who are currently having snow are staying safe and warm, that you've all had a good weekend and all are having an easy start to the week. :0)


Karen said...

nice wip pic's
I want to see the Elizabeth DVD and the Other Boleyn Girl I read the book by Phillipa Gregory I love all historical films and books

Julie said...

LOL the card !!!

I prefer the fabric on the right, but they never look the same on the PC do they.

YAY piccies ... will i get to see the broomstick??

Anonymous said...

I like the fabbie on the right hand side with the bead trim :)

How spooky about 2 minutes before reading your blog and advert for the other Boleyn girl came on the TV and I said to Andy I really fancy watching that! lol

Your mothers day pressie looks good :)

Sally said...

I think the more red fabby would look lovely. Very pretty design Karan.

The Ozark SAL is looking good.

Love the card your DS sent you! Enjoy watching Elizabeth.