Thursday, 27 March 2008

Not A Lot....

to share, stitchingwise, today.
I sat and stitched the back for the Monthly Challenge piece last night, whilst watching the first night of the Most Haunted Live five-day event, and it's about two thirds completed......... but you'll have to wait until the 29th to see that. Sorry!

As there aren't any stitching or card pics I thought I'd share some other pics instead. Here are some very useful My Big Toe Accessories I bought from The Attic recently:
Two Thread Pickers and a Thread Hopper - aren't they pretty? The first Picker is intended as part of a gift for Alex, the one with the blue beads is mine (and it's been put to good use already!) and the Hopper is for me too - thought there would be less chance of losing this down the side of the chair, compared to individual counting pins which would disappear in seconds! I shall have to have a go at making up a stitching tin soon, so I have somewhere suitable to keep these dinky little items. :0)

Today I actually worked out how to snag a picture from an online site, get it onto my computer and then find it again so I could post it on here. WOW! I think it's probably a fluke though, as I doubt I'll be able to remember what I did next time I want to do it! LOL Thought I'd share a pic of the mini radio/Hi-Fi system, as I like it so much:
It's a Matsui and both speakers are covered (like the left one). I listened to Radio Gold all afternoon yesterday as it plays only 60's, 70's and 80's music - great listening to sounds that are a reminder of my younger days whilst cooking and cleaning!

Sally was good enough to send me a link to the Google reader yesterday (thanks again Sally) and I've been trying to suss it out and set everything up whenever I've had a spare few minutes. It's in the hopes that it will save me some time: instead of trawling through every single blog to check for updates, this will do it for me. Maybe then I can spend less time in front of the computer and more time sat stitching???? Unfortunately it keeps giving me a little message that feeds aren't available to some of the blogs I like to check most frequently and I haven't a clue as to why. One of the other weird things: Lynn, I can now see your posts including pics via the Reader, so that's an improvement, BUT I'm still trying to suss out if I can leave a comment for you from there.

Actually, I think I'm spending more time at the computer at the minute! I will get there in the end...... I'll just be taking the longer scenic route on the way. LMAO

I've managed to do a shed-load of jobs so far today, thanks to being up at the crack of dawn (well, it feels like it anyway), so I'm going to reward myself with an afternoon of crafting..... if I can stay awake for long enough! I bought four lovely handmade toppers from a lady on eBay, which arrived on Tuesday, so I intend turning those into cards and then follow it up with more stitching on the Monthly Challenge, in the hopes that I can do all the finishing and send a pic to Karen tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting - hope you are all having a good day. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

I tried google reader first but couldnt get on with it and ended up with bloglines which is brilliant.

I love your little gadgets, but personally find a throw over the sofa when im stitching is the best way not to lose things. That doesnt mean I dont still like gadgets too though lol.

Julie said...

Sally is good isnt she, she told me how to work the google reader too, saves me lots of time LOL

WOW you are becomming the PC techie, i'm still a twerp at it, and have to ask Karen or Sally for lots of help .. isn't that right girls roflol!!!

Nice music player .. nearly put radiogram then, wow that would show my age !!!!

Karen said...

I love 60's 70's and 80's music.
Very nice little gadgets,I just need a homing device for my needles for some reason I am losing them very fast and spend ages on the floor with a magnet while the killer hounds sit on the chair looking at me as if I am nuts when another one goes on it's travels (yea I know the hounds may have a point)

Sally said...

Love your new gadgets Karan.

How are you getting on with Google Reader? I love it. I'm opposite to Helen and tried bloglines first and couldn't get on with it then somebody suggested Google reader.