Saturday, 1 March 2008

Off To A Good Start.....

this weekend with the arrival of a pinky from Jayne first thing this morning.Inside were my monthly clubs goodies: Sassy's fabric, with the odd name of Gray Flannel, and another rainbow of Carries threads. The one at the bottom of the pic is called Pina Colada, my favourite this month - a bright splash of Spring-like colour, just what was needed on such a dreary windy day!
There was also the lovely Knot Garden chart inside, a new release from Christine of Alchemy Stitchcraft:

I think I may well stitch this in the same colours as in the pic, as they really "pop" on the black fabric. This was one of those "must have" charts for me as I like interwoven knot/Celtic/Mandala designs - this piece works on so many levels, it will be a fascinating one to stitch. :0)

The day continued on a high note, as DH decided to take us to the Pink Pig for dinner. The food was as tasty as always - I love their tuna melt paninis, served with homemade coleslaw and salad that has their own-brand honey and mustard dressing drizzled over it. Especially glad we went, as I found out they're going to have another Psychic Evening in May: there will be a two-course meal, followed by an evening with psychic Ian Lawman giving messages to members of the audience. We went to one of these evenings a few years ago and it was brilliant and my DBro was one of those that Ian gave messages to. It got even better today when the guy actually walked into the restaurant while we were having our meal - he's got the most gorgeous eyes!

After that we had a trip down the local High Street so I could go to the sewing shop. I got some ready-made cord, some beading strip, red ribbon with bead hearts attached and a couple of fat quarters of Christmas fabric. The cord, beading and fabric are for finishing a couple of ornies I stitched ages ago and the plan was to finish them tonight.......... unfortunately I seem to have put the pieces in a safe place - yes, the one that you just can't find when you need the things you put there! Sheesh, those brain fart moments are coming so often it's starting to get worrying!

Next we popped to Cram's (a local computer shop) and came home with the goodies DH promised to get: a port for the digicam and another bit that you can slot the card in. Don't ask me to do tech speak, please, as I've no idea what they're called but one is so I can plug the digicam cable in to download a couple of pics from it to the computer, the other is so I can download all of the pics from the memory card to the computer. It means I'll soon be able to retrieve those pics I've been promising to share for ages, as well as being able take proper pics (instead of scans) of my stitching etc to post on here straightaway. Yay! We also got the flat screen monitor, our belated Valentine's gift, and that's all set up and I'm using it now. Wow, does it make a difference! No more squinting at the screen or having to constantly scroll up/down/left/right to see everything on a page - much easier on my eyes. :0)

While DH was setting up the new monitor and trying it out by playing a few games of Spider Solitaire (well, he said he had to make sure it was working properly LOL) I made a Mothers Day card and tag, ready for us visiting Doncaster tomorrow. This card will go on the hearth at DSis's, with some flowers: This tag will go by Mum's name plaque at Rosehill:
We've also got some pretty carnations: white ones that have deep pink petal ends. Mum loved her flowers. :0)

Stitching: I didn't touch the Ozark SAL last night but continued with Night Watchman instead. Will show a pic another time, as it's only growing slowly. None done tonight as I've been searching for that safe place! LOL.

Many thanks for all the kind comments, especially after the earthquake, and about Memories and ET - very much appreciated. :0)

Hope you are all having a good weekend and are staying safe through this windy weather. A Happy Mothers Day on Sunday to all those in the UK. :0)


Paperfaerie said...

A nice stash haul there Karan, enjoy :) Hope you have a great day today.

Mylene said...

Such beautiful cards you made Karan! Well done.

Julie said...

Great stash, what a nice way to start the weekend

Your meal sounds yummy, fair got my mouth watering LOL

Safe place?? mines like the black hole, i seem to loose stuff in it with great regularity

Happy Mothers Day to you xxx

Sally said...

Oooh, Karen, more lovely new stash! Those Carrie's look gorgeous.

Lovely cards you made too and what a lovely sentiment. {{{{hugs}}}}

Anonymous said...

wonderful stash! :)

Your tag for your mum is beautiful :)