Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Cardmaking and Backstitching

After I got the house jobs out of the way yesterday I decided to watch Dawn Bibby's 2-hour craft slot on QVC, for the first time in what seems like ages. I didn't order anything but did feel inspired to do some cardmaking.
I started out wanting to make a card for my DBro's birthday but this card seemed to happen instead:
Not sure how good the scans are, as the scanner seems to be flaring and leaving lines on everything at the minute. The gold peel-offs I used are much shinier IRL and the wording is on chipboard pieces that are much more 3-D.
Once I'd got that card out of my system I had more luck making DBro's birthday card:

Men's cards always seem harder to make, for some reason. As he's a keen DIY'er (unlike my DH!) it's a good theme for him. :0)

It was also reveal day for finding out which design we are stitching for the March Monthly Challenge on JA/S&S: it's a retired design from Blue Ribbon Designs called Alphabet Tree which the designer, Belinda Karls-Nace, has very kindly allowed us to use. It's such a pretty piece and is another one I shall enjoy stitching. So hope the other two designs come up again in another month, as I'd love to stitch both of those as well. :0) So far I have the chart printed out and that's it: still trying to decide what colour theme to go with and what finishing technique to try next. Decisions, decisions! LOL

As it was UFO Tuesday yesterday it was time to haul out ET and tackle some of the dreaded metallic thread backstitching. It was every bit as lousy as I was expecting it to be! There's loads of the thread supplied in the kit but there needs to be, as it's horrible stuff that starts to stretch and unravel as soon as it's threaded in a needle - the amount that ends up being wasted is appalling! Not sure if you can tell in the scan but all of the left side of the collar is now backstitched: the bottom two large rows were stitched last night.

One thing is certain: as soon as this piece is finished I will be investing in some Guttermanns metallics and won't be touching DMC ever again!

It seems the consensus vote for the ornie finishing fabric (in my last post) is the red fabric, so that's what I'll be using. Thanks for the comments ladies and wish me luck! LOL ;0)

The reindeer pieces are still missing in action! Have now looked in all the obvious places, made a start at looking in the not so obvious ones and got totally frustrated with the search, so guess it's time to send up an appeal to the Angel of Lost Property. That's not as weird as it may sound - it's worked every time I've done it previously.

DH fitted the new port thingies last night, so the computer is all set to rock and roll with the digicam for uploading pics.......... unfortunately he didn't actually show me how to use the darned things, so I still have no idea how to transfer them over. Sorry Julie: the broomstick pic is going to have to wait a bit longer but it will be posted............................ eventually! LOL

Tonight's plans are to get DH to show me how the port thingies work and transfer the pics, print out Part 2 of the For Amanda SAL piece and to carry on with the Ozark SAL stitching. Fingers crossed the Ozark inner border is finished soon - I'm starting to lose the will to live with that! LOL

Thanks again for taking the time to visit and for the kind comments - it's especially nice to know when folks share a liking for the same things (think there'll be a few of us watching The Other Boleyn Girl film!). Have a good day all. :0)


Paperfaerie said...

Lovely cards Karan, you have reminded me that I have some to The ET is looking great, you must have the patience of a saint :0)

Julie said...

Great cards.

I am so proud of you for sticking with ET, she is looking wonderful and so very nearly all finished

Lynn said...

Hi Karan, I haven't been blog reading for a while, and boy have you been busy lol. I love all your cards, and ET is looking great, not long to finish and framing now :).
Hope the reindeer turns up, stop looking, that always works for me lol

Mylene said...

Cards looks great and well done on the ET backstitching.

Sally said...

Very nice cards Karan:) I don't have the patience!

ET is coming along well! I will be hearing you cursing those metallics over here! Lol!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the challenge piece this month. Even though I've already stitched it I'm going to stitch it again:)